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Wirral-based pop/rock artist Jack Vinci crashes in the waves with debut ‘High’

With a soaring sensation that has him flying into formerly unfathomable places he never thought he’d ever feel, Jack Vinci is the merriest that he has ever been as his love-soaked heart glides so ‘High‘.

Jack Vinci is a Wirral, UK-based dream-pop and indie rock artist who has been carefully crafting his music in the studio and is now ready to express it to the world to enjoy.

With a catchy melody that all ages can certainly wrap their minds into with consummate ease, Jack Vinci unleashes an outstanding new single that vibrates your earlobes into a satisfying place that will only induce a smile beyond previous comprehension.

I wasn’t sure at first about my debut single being a song which is so abrupt and upfront, but if I’m gonna show my face, I might as well boot the door down.” ~ Jack Vinci

Bringing us an inspiring story that is all about reaching higher than before – as you grip that optimistic place you have treasured forever – this is a message about expressing your love and wanting to keep it at a constant height to truly treasure. Being content is the dream in life, and this is a message that will certainly have you feeling that a happy soul is indeed possible, no matter what the pessimists might say.

So many songs I love are basically the soundtrack to my life, my goal with this song and every song I write is to hopefully be a part of someone else’s soundtrack, to have something which connects to a memory in someone’s life or occurring moment.” ~ Jack Vinci

High‘ from Wirral, UK-based dream-pop and indie rock singer-songwriter Jack Vinci, is a sensational single that will skyrocket freely into the dreams that take you into that sunny place where you can get that permanent tan. He has an outstanding vocal ability that seems to breathe fresh air into your spirit, as we are thrilled by such a quality artist who sounds completely ready for this moment.

Those who prepare properly have more chance of success, right?

Hear this debut release on Spotify and see his IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Classy Wirral-based artist SBR bone and star wishes that one more day was possible on ‘Light up the sky’

Taken off her spark-filled 5-track EP called ‘Arrival‘, SBR bone and star has our imaginations brimming with soul-sapping sadness and ever-lasting love all at once with her scintillating release called ‘Light up the sky‘.

Samantha Leigh aka SBR bone and star is a Wirral, UK-based indie electronic artist who isn’t afraid to use her vivid creativity to make music that is experimentally powerful and filled with life.

I would have lit up the sky for you, all I needed you to do was stay.” ~ SBR bone and star

With a story that holds onto those moments where you would give your whole soul to this special human you looked as immortal, SBR bone and star shows us that signature self-awareness and beautifully elegant vocals to bring the world something rather excellently timeless.

Light up the sky‘ from Wirral, UK-based indie  SBR bone and star, is an honest release about feeling like you have perhaps taken for granted some of those treasured moments that you wish you had more of. With a look back at the past here that might have you shedding a small tear, this is a track that wishes that one more day was possible.

Sung with stunning honesty and with a lyrically-excellent track that contains an assortment of breathtaking beats, this is a sizzling single that will make you gaze outside and realize what is important in life. It’s all about those life-healing memories, that you will cherish forever as the universe has the ultimate power over us all.

Hear this stunning new single on Spotify and see more from this incredibly motivated artist on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding a way to survive no matter what: Wirral Heavy Metal Rockers Riptide Messiah rise up again from the dust on ‘Still Human’

Riptide Messiah send us a heart-boosting message of hope and grit on their excellent new single named ‘Still Human‘.

With their upcoming self-titled EP, which will be released this month; big things are on the way for the Wirral-based four piece band Riptide Messiah– who are on a mission to get their music known the masses during this pandemic. For them, this is the only way to keep busy and help others out there during this horrendous time.

Music is the savior to all problems and they make a hard-hitting sound that breathes new life into your ears to spark them to life and get you motivated again.

”Cold, numb, drowned in grief.”- Riptide Messiah

Their rawness and edgy sound helps them stand out from the crowd and the driving energy rips your shirt off here. His vocals are a tremendous shot to the cold face to that clears your doubts and gets you jumping in the air to get all frustration out. This is a band that are clearly in tune with each other and this is a song that deserves love.

We are all still human no matter what our current circumstances are and this is the time to reevaluate ourselves and build up our armor to be indestructible if this even happens again. Things may seem dark but the light is there if you look deep enough for it.

No what happens in our lives we need to find a way to rise up again. This pandemic has been absolutely terrifying but if we can find others that are willing to go to battle with you and be there in tough times, the bond is like blood and will be there forever.

Merseyside Heavy Metal act Riptide Messiah prove that brotherhood is alive and well on ‘Still Human‘. They were formed from the ashes of the frost-bitten floor and will only be stronger now as they have achieved something that many others haven’t been able to. The band have made quality music with a real self-aware message, during a time that shows who are willing to do whatever it takes to get their message out there; to inspire fellow citizens of the world that are cold and need heat-filled motivation to face an uncertain tomorrow with a new mindset.

Enjoy this new wave British Metal single on Spotify and see their story of social media via IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wirral-Based Soul Pop Artist Gina Has Released Her Latest Resounding Single “Lesson in Love”

Lesson in Love” is the latest smooth Bluesy Pop single by up and coming Wirral-based artist Gina who is quickly becoming renowned for her rich and resounding tone.

From the first note in Lesson in Love, you’ll be captivated by the sumptuous pace, Gina’s magnetically soothing vocals and the full-bodied textures found in the warmly Jazz-infused soundscape.

Gina may be fresh from her inception, but her uniquely artful style which borrows influences from Adult Contemporary and a myriad of other sub-genres is already beyond radio-ready. It’s cinematic.

From what we’ve heard in Lesson in Love and the artist’s former releases, it’s only a matter of time before you see Gina’s name gracing the charts.

You can check out Lesson in Love for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wirral’s Gina Mullins impresses with melodious Pop follow up single ‘’Broken Body’’

My face is porcelain, I can’t crack a smile. Some of us are really feeling like this in our new reality and this first line from Gina is real & poignant. She is clearly hurting from a tough breakup and this is a way to express herself. Through music, we all heal. 

A writer, singer, composer and producer- the vibrantly passionate ‘Gina Mullins’- is a brand new name in the UK music game. Based in Wirral in North West England, she is a name to watch. With a magnetic voice, Gina is just getting started. 

‘’Broken Body’’ is the Pop follow-up to 2019’s Dance track ‘’Got Me Good’’. I feel like Gina will be trying out all kids of different styles as she seems like a creative performer. I got into ‘’Broken Body’’ the more I listened to it and wouldn’t be surprised if she got some decent radio play with this one. 

Get on the Gina Mullins train now before she explodes all over the world. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen