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Take That Ride: Inspiring Winston Salem duo The Courier Pigeons shelter from the driving rain on ‘Gypsy Train’

Taken off their much-anticipated ten-track album set for 6th April 2021 release named ‘Black Mountain Sessions‘, The Courier Pigeons sing so gracefully on the lead single called ‘Gypsy Train‘.

The Courier Pigeons are a thoughtful Winston Salem, North Carolina-based indie-country/folk duo consisting of Jeremy Johnson and Bill Jarrett. They have that genuine feel to their creations that are all about the true connection in life, no matter where you are headed.

”This is a story of positivity in what was a difficult period of time for us all. Musical soulmates reunited from a distance under quarantine.”- The Courier Pigeons

This is the story about keeping your head up when things are tough, as you take a journey through the authentic old towns that have so much history. You are on the mission to find your peace and come across lots of adventures, that have you learning so much about yourself as you find your good friend along the way.

You feel his wise voice float over the loving guitar, as the song simmers in warm when it is cold and wet outside from these unpredictable times. This is that perfect road trip song – that has you holding onto something safe – when you don’t know what is going to happen next.

Gypsy Train’ from North Carolina’s The Courier Pigeons, is a message written deeply from the isolated cabin in Black Mountain, as they created something special to distract themselves from the bleak times outside. They have intricately made a wholesome song here that has your heart slowly healing from the frostbite, as you feel their love for making music that is so meaningful and textured just right.

Stream this quality track on Distrokid and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

North Carolina Rapper Avajor rips through with strong single ”Forever”

Most of us want to live forever and make sure that we are comfortable the whole time. Grinding hard is the only way. Being inspired by seeing others work hard is the only to stay at the top and not drop down. The Producer-emcee is from Winston Salem in North Carolina and was formally known as Jay Major. I quite like the new name and Avajor pulls out all the stops here with the heavy beat and straight up lyrics.

Sorry, I Was Distracted’‘ is the name of Avajor’s first album that has just dropped on Spotify and ”Forever” is one of the best songs off it. This has a Rick Ross type feel on it and is a major statement of intent. He wants the big time and is not letting go.

Avajor has done well here with the new single and he is a name to watch in the flooded US Hip Hop market. I’d like to see him work with other local artists and even a heavyweight so he can get more ears to his music. He is clearly talented and a new name to keep an eye out for in 2020.

Stream this track through Spotify and check out his whole collection of music.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Sarah Mae Chilton and Lord Goldie release super catchy single Broke

The duo containing Sarah Mae Chilton and Lord Goldie have dropped their recent single ‘Broke’, the Pop infused piece is one that will be stuck in your head.

An insanely catchy tune, with the energetic and up-beat melody that intertwines with the adenoidal melodic vocals that come from artist Sarah, sounding similar to those such as Taylor Swift and Jess Glynne, having that similar tone and pitch. Everything about this song just gives off this enjoyable feeling as you listen.

Lord Goldie comes in swiftly for a short amount of time with full on energy and a smooth Rap to mix things up a bit, as they both flow in and out of each other perfectly, this is the pure definition of a Pop song and just how it’s supposed to sound, it lifts your mood and it clings on to you and sticks with you.

If you’re looking for a super catchy, fun and energetic piece then this is the one for you, you don’t want to miss this.

Listen to Sarah Mae Chilton Ft Lord Goldie’s single Broke by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall