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Why When Where

Texas-based family band The Formerly Misinformed feel that slow drift apart with ‘Why When Where’

Taken off their wonderfully-received 10-track album ‘All In A Dream‘, The Formerly Misinformed send us their 3rd single off this new project with a track all about wondering what happened to that once-bright spark on ‘Why When Where‘.

The Formerly Misinformed is a Fort Worth, Texas-based indie-alternative rock 4-piece family band that make a loving blend of authentic music that is nostalgically genuine.

Stylistically, their music is rooted in sadness and isolation; themes they admit are often part of their favorite music.” ~ The Formerly Misinformed

Harmonizing in their various experiences from life as they see it, The Formerly Misinformed is such an authentic act that makes you beam brightly at the calming rhythm Рand also feel sad Рwhen you remember those laughs at the peak of your relationship. The varying emotions here are so enlighteningly vivid and rather special to ponder, from a group who have used their close bond to make a blend of music that is so warm and caring.

Why When Where‘ from Fort Worth, Texas-based indie-alternative rock family band The Formerly Misinformed, is a really reflective track all about how you feel the distance between someone who you care about so much. The romance has sadly flamed out and the love isn’t like it was, as you wonder what happened and contemplate on those happy times that seem way too far away.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen