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Fearless San Diego DJ Erick Diaz drops thrilling 2nd single Closer to Love

After previously spending a year in silence so that he could fully comprehend the power and beauty of a whisper, Erick Diaz thunders in with an emphatic performance to summon all energies back into the light on Closer to Love.

Erick Diaz is an experienced San Diego-based DJ, art director and music producer who is also a much-respected poet, artist and music philosopher.

A veteran DJ of many years, Diaz has shared stages with top DJs and producers of the present and past from Duke Dumont to Test and many more.” ~ Erick Diaz

Replenishing our ears with a new direction from his previous work, Erick Diaz kicks sleepy speakers back into shape and shall create a dynamic spirit within us all. Goodness me this is good. Really good.

Closer to Love from the San Diego-based multi-skilled music maestro Erick Diaz is a seriously fine tune to soak up rather radiantly and with that extra passion needed. Soaked with smooth vocals and taking us back to that first meeting when everything is so new and loving, we find a stunning song to treasure forever and forever.

When there are no fake games, true love is actually possible after all.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Amoré The Songstress soothes our souls with ‘Whisper’

Amoré The Songstress is back with a bang on her brand new song with R&B influences called ‘Whisper‘.

With such a stunningly beautiful voice and tremendous energy, Amoré The Songstress is an R&B Neo Soul artist that is no new face to the Inland Empire Scene. After taking a near 10 year hiatus, this fine singer aims to play all over the world when she can again. The hungry is there and the talent is very easy to spot.

Whisper‘ is all about wanting that special soul back in your life. You miss them so much. The sexy whisper is the ear is what you desire the most. You love the person so much and don’t want them too far away from you anymore.

Amoré The Songstress from LA lathers our soul with this fine effort on ‘Whisper‘. She has a fine voice and the lyrics are heart-warming and a pleasure to listen to.

The Spotify link is the best place to hear this stunning track.

Click here for the Facebook page to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen