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Drown My Demons: Welsh underground emcee YUNG LØNE tunes into his growing greatness on ‘66.6 FM’

Taken off his latest four-track EP named ‘The Beginning of the End‘, YUNG LØNE turns the heat up to high during these cold UK winter months with his new dialed-in track ‘66.6 FM‘.

YUNG LØNE is a highly motivated underground UK emcee and University student based in leafy Pembrokeshire, West Wales. At just twenty years old, you can feel his passionate vocal delivery and the determination entrenched in his voice that he wants to stream all over the world.

His dragon-like flow blows down the doubts, as he tells his honest story with bars that catch you unawares at first, the way he raps is incredibly appealing to the true hip-hop fan out there, who is sick of watered down fake bling plastic rhymes that break easily. They want that properly-constructed realness and this is it.

This scary story of facing the devil in front of him made him realize that he wanted more, the scars are there to humble him but are slowly healing as he finds his true purpose in life. Making music that truly matters is what he wants and this is what he shall do, no matter what detours he has to deal with in this winding pothole-filled world of unexpected surprises.

66.6 FM‘ from ferocious UK rapper YUNG LØNE, is a fiery track from a man on a mission. He lost his lighter just trying to get by but never lost his flame. He shows us all that it is possible to claw your way out of that quicksand that can hold you down and drag you to places you don’t want to be. Never stop dreaming and your goals are possible, only if you are hungry enough to succeed.

Stream this banger on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time heals most wounds: Frewen sends us a folk message of truth on ‘Because I know You’

Because I know You by Frewen

Frewen sings about real memories and challenges on his brand new single that features stunning vocals from his partner on ‘Because I know You‘.

From the wonderful west coast of beautiful West Wales in a cozy log cabin, we are treated to an indie-folk artist with a special message of self-awareness in this often-blameless world that seems so harsh, but shouldn’t be.

His voice is so real and you can feel the regret layered into each note. He is looking for redemption and her voice meshed into his, seems to fill him with confidence, calm him and the guidance from her angelic nature soothes over everything, to make it all so much better.

This is a cinematic song that starts off mysteriously alluring and doesn’t falter at all. You get lost inside this song and the haunting melody drifts into your heart and soaks away all self-doubt that has been built up over the years. Pure music like this, made with love and created to inspire, is so rare in this wild wild west world of current times.

This marvelous music creation puts you in a mood of self-reflection and no other distractions can take you away from this incredible track, that clearly means a lot deep inside each bone of his body. A modern day unknown legend, who is working on being a better man.

Hiding away from shame can only take you so far, eventually you need to face up and deal with it for that is how you find that desired freedom inside your soul.

Because I know You‘ from Frewen is a journey to fight away the pain and find yourself in that mirror to be the best possible version of yourself. In life, we can only try our best to not make the same mistakes. No one is perfect and as long as we strive to improve, that is all anyone can ever expect of us. Love must conquer over all.

Support his music journey on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen