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Someone Screaming: Samuel Nicholson drops incredibly emotional West Coast Feeling

With intense vocals which will probably put many into a whole different mood, Samuel Nicholson shows us what true emotion sounds like on West Coast Feeling.

Samuel Nicholson is an Edinburgh, Scotland-based autistic indie rock frontman, musician, and composer who makes superb songs which are rich in warm melodies.

Set alight by Motown records in the car with his mother, corrupted by hard rock records handed down by his father and formed by his own journeys into Jazz, Folk & Experimental Music of decades past, he is a cathartic songwriter, an impassioned singer and a gifted guitarist.” ~ Samuel Nicholson

Searing in stunning quality and brimming with raw excellence, Samuel Nicholson is one of those rare underground musicians who have the ability to change moods with an ear-shifting-like class. This is brilliant stuff and is stuffed with a shimmering glow of day-changing radiance no one can possibly dislike.

West Coast Feeling from Edinburgh, Scotland-based rock artist Samuel Nicholson is a rather special experience which will summon many sentiments right out from the basement. He sings with so much passion and delves deep into our souls, to take us into a tear-filled world which might stun many back into place.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen