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The Lost Bandit Rises: LBFRmikey locks into his zone with eerily real three-track trilogy ‘Aim and Fire’

With his haunting demons firmly squashed and vanquished forever, LBFRmikey opens the door wide to the a new world of inner success with the excellent new three-track trilogy called ‘Aim and Fire’.

LBFRmikey is a fast-emerging London, UK-born, Wellington, New Zealand-based trap/hip hop artist, who brings those excruciatingly painful past experiences to the fore, as he destroys them forever into the home of his new strong mindset. He is on a life-changing mission to powerfully flick a match into his creative mind – to burn out the bad memories – as he starts fresh into a new path of self-enlightenment.

His lyrics are refreshingly real and catches your heart beating extra fast, his stories of surviving in this unnecessarily complex world has you wondering how we can slow it all down. This is an underground masterpiece from a quality artist on a perfectly captured beat, as his talent is wrapped with so much potential, oozing in his soul as he learns how to unlock all of his potential minute by minute, day by day.

This is all about the scary world of dealing with your inner self worth as you look into the mirror, addictions in this tempting world, toxic relationships with quick-swipe mentality ruining that essence of pure love and depression whilst trying to find a real home with your mind racing with over stimulation.

Featuring ‘Make Up‘, the lead track with incredibly real visuals called ‘Serve It On A Plate and ending off with ‘Ride To The End’, you feel his growing confidence in trusting himself, as he flows with such passionate anger, as stories merge into one as he finds the strength to rise above all self-doubts.

It feels like his blood flow is clear now after much deep thinking about who he wants to be as a man – as the evil energies are gone from an artist who gives us an honest look into his life – without leaving anything out.

Aim and Fire‘ from the deep thinking Kiwi trap artist LBFRmikey, soars vividly into your mind like an eagle flying majestically in the sky, the only way to help yourself is to fly to where you know you can breathe and get away from toxic energies that drag you down, into the undesirable mud of no return.

Hear this top shelf trilogy on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more stories of finding his true purpose.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen