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Good Weed: yungrobgoincrazy is only smoking fire on The Jetty Jingle

Toking up to the max and letting his mind relax, yungrobgoincrazy is in the mood to mingle away from the bad smelling odours which can cause mass brain pollution with his spark-filled new release, The Jetty Jingle.

Robert Ellis IV aka yungrobgoincrazy (formally known as Rob ILLis) is a Jetty Extracts-powered indie hip hop artist and entrepreneur who fuses together joyous 420-friend jams to chill with.

Forging through with many creative dabs and witty raps sliced with wraps aplenty, yungrobgoincrazy could be the toke we needed to crush any stork-like problems away. He has a way with words; you see. Funny to the bone and offering valuable advice, we find an imaginative soul who is only just getting started.

The Jetty Jingle from the founder of DNG and huge cannabis businessman yungrobgoincrazy is one of the most heartwarming blaze-packed bong of a song conceivable which will make many smiles ignite. Performed with an ego-less vibrance and just blowing smoke of kindness to us all, while reminding us to rather get the good stuff.

When you’re in the zone, it’s best to stay there.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen