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The Broken Islands Release Beautiful Track “Crown”

The front cover of “Crown” by The Broken Island, is probably the first thing that really attracted me to this release. The crashing waves of the ocean seem to pose a threatening message to those who dare facing them, representing the stunning duality of nature. It’s all so beautiful and majestic, yet it also feels dangerous and somewhat mysterious.

The Broken Islands managed to create a sound that’s just as equally endearing as their artwork. “Crown” begins with big, lush piano chords, and the vocals come into the mix gently, yet soaring right at the front. The production is crisp, elegant and bright, going for a clear and direct edge, yet retaining a certain warm tone with a bit of a vintage twist.



A&R Factory Present: Rolo

Rolo is a young singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Heidelberg, Germany. Warm vocals, a smooth guitar sound and catchy melodies mixed with electronic beat elements make up his unique Pop/Folk sound.  After delighting over 800,000 listeners all over the globe with his first single ‘’Too Blind’’, he is now proud to present his latest home-production ‘’Take it easy’’.

Giuseppe aka Rolo says ‘‘The music has always been inside my mind, I just needed to find a way record it.’’

Now that he found his way to create music, he is planning to release a few more singles in 2017 and sooner or later a whole album. So stay tuned and follow his journey on Spotify, Facebook and Youtube.