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Moving Planets: Lee Michael Walton reflects on his twenties with ‘Photographs From Mars’ (ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes)

With a reinvigorated sound that shows his strength from beating cancer, heavy drinking and dealing with family issues in the past, Lee Michael Walton shows us his new perspective with a feature from his beloved Grandma in Wales urging him to come home called ‘Photographs From Mars(ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes).

Lee Michael Walton is a fantastic Ystalyfera, Wales-born, London-based singer/pianist/organist, who has beaten the odds to fulfill his dream of making music that makes a worldly impression and helps others with their doubts too.

“The fun and adventurous nature of my youth is still in there though. It was a time of adventure, of risk taking, of self-discovery and of course MIS-adventure!”- Lee Michael Walton

This passion in his voice shines above the sky as he sees the big blue sea from above, as he knew he had to leave for a while to find himself. With a complex world that judges you quickly at times, the thick skin needs to be bulletproof to withstand the beating it can take. Finding that self-belief is hard for a while, but when you see it you will never let go and it is so warm and helps you through any darkness.

The story of the trip above is enlightening and helps you understand how he felt for so long before freeing himself. with his Grandma’s tea helping him through all the doubts and small-minded people that threatened to derail him forever. Luckily, through music and helpful mentors, he was able to move past it all and do what loves with no fear inside anymore.

Photographs From Mars(ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes) from the London-based pianist/vocalist/organist Lee Michael Walton, is a touching tale from up above that shows you that you can succeed if you have a strong support system and are willing to be self-aware enough, to make that much-needed change.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Relax The Mind: Welsh musician dWyn sings us the perfect ‘Lullaby’ to soothe all worries into the dark

Taken off his latest eleven-track album called ‘Young Signal‘, dWyn sings with such meaning and effortless charm on his new single called ‘Lullaby‘.

Dewi Wyn Williams aka dWyn, is a creative Caernarfon, Wales-born, Manchester, England-based multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and courageous NHS Hospital Pharmacist. He lovingly makes that wizardry music that boggles your mind, as you appreciate his sensational skills that has you amazed beyond delight.

The inspirational and soothing song has your whole mind in a relaxed state, as he takes us to a happier place above, with his softly spoken poetic-like words and style has all the stress wiped away like an iron getting out the creases warmly and with precision.

Lullaby‘ from the Welsh singer-songwriter dWyn, is a fantastic piece of beauty from a dark time in our history. He has the blessed ability to strike your whole body with soothing energy, as he brings us a peaceful ode to help us sleep again. A true underground classic is the overriding feeling here and this is a remarkable effort that has clearly been made with such love and care.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Appreciating each other: Jonny Tarr’s ‘If I Didn’t Need You’ (ft. Licha) is a true love story to calm the mind

Taken off his latest 11-track album called ‘Tough Stuff‘, Jonny Tarr impresses with his wide range of incredible skills on ‘If I Didn’t Need You‘ (ft. Licha).

Jonny Tarr is a multi-talented Wales-born, Southern California-based singer-songwriter, Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts graduate, saxophone player and more. Here is a man that can loop sax, guitar, keyboard, flute, harmony, and beat-box tracks to fuse a song together like a true master.

A true musician, he can’t wait until covid is over so he can play with his band again and thrill audiences with his array of mind-blowing music experiences.

This is the story of how you so deeply appreciate her as you need her so much to provide support and by just being there, she has done more than most. When nobody else gave you a shot, she did and you care about her so much due to her sweet nature and authenticity. The kind and true genuine energy in this song between the two singers, is a touching reminder that love can be simple if you want it to be.

With vibrant vocals that are never over the top, this is a peaceful song full of hope and appreciation between two humans that just want things to be as they are and never change.

If I Didn’t Need You‘ (ft. Licha) from the supremely skilled music maestro Jonny Tarr is a magnitude of sounds and layers that consume your mind when you listen closely, and you know really early that this is truly special.

With a world that feels like it is breaking sometimes, this is a welcome reminder of true love that conquers all.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see what he gets up to when gigs come back on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Throw me a hand: Moodbay are underwater and ‘Alone’ on sensational new electro-pop stunner

Moodbay show their ever-increasing greatness on the flourishing new single taken off their latest ambitious sixteen-track release, that will have you in a reflective mood when you are ‘Alone‘.

Manchester-based electro mood-pop two-piece act Moodbay, are fused together by Darlington-born pianist/singer Anna Stephens and pianist/producer/songwriter Alfie Cattell from Denbigh (Little Fortress) in Wales, who make that saucy edm, r&b and classically intertwined music, that makes your heart skip a few beats and gets your body grooving like it was pre-lockdown.

After meeting at the BIMM Institute in Manchester almost four years ago via a mysterious corridor, you can feel how in-sync the pair are, as they transform the dull room into an electric experience of bright lights and sonic soundscapes, that are so spectacularly illuminating.

Her voice echos eerily throughout as the vocals seep into your skin and give you the shivers. The pure class is undeniable and meshed with world class production, you get the feeling that you are listening to a duo that are going to be absolutely massive, if they stay patient and carry on making this immensely captivating music for the soul.

Alone‘ from Welsh/English electro mood-pop act Moodbay, is a late-night daze-dream through the mind and into the other side of your consciousness. This is that underwater rescue from your lifeguard, after you have sunk deep, and need saving from yourself.

When you are falling deep, you need someone to help wake you up before you sleep for good, as time is of the essence and there is not a moment to lose in this short life of ours. This is a magnificence single that shows you why you need good friends, to grab your hand, kill the noise and lift you up to soar brightly again.

Hear this wonderfully striking song on Spotify and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Looping in the garden: Welsh artist Munki amazes our brains with the live video ‘Sit By The Hillside’

Munki gives us a song to fully immerse our hearts in with his live looping single shot in his family garden in Wales called ‘Sit By The Hillside‘.

Theodore Burn aka Munki is an original multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from the deep forests of beautiful South West Wales. After recently moving to bustling Bristol in England (before lock down hit), he is on a mission to make us much authentic music as humanly possible.

Predominantly a drummer and percussionist, this is an artist who only uses natural instruments and this earthy atmosphere makes you gaze up above and dream of good vibes.

With a 4 track EP on the way, working on around 5 projects, a new studio getting set up and music videos on the horizon, it feels like the momentum is starting to happen with this artist and with his Papa on the video edit, its a family effort.

If he can get his music business plan in sync with the high standard of what we hear, this is an artist that can do what he loves all over the world. Being on YouTube and all the big streaming platforms is needed but this probably part of his master plan. You can tell that this is an extremely talented artist who has that extra quality deep inside his soul and he loves what he does.

The amount of music intricacies blows your mind as he is like a classical artist, each part of the song has been carefully planned with organic nature taking him on a journey that is so varied and wonderfully made. You will be tapping your feet to this for hours and trying to work out what is really going in is like piecing an exciting jigsaw together.

Munki is quite masterful on the almost 8 minute live looping lesson on ‘Sit By The Hillside‘. This is music to recharge with naturally, sit in the garden with and enjoy with friends and family with birds tweeting in the background. Life is okay again with music like this from the Welsh wizard.

See his live loop vibe via the Facebook video page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Cardiff’s Sarah Brown changes direction on breathless ‘Liability’

Pop-Soul singer-songwriter from Cardiff in Wales, Sarah Brown, is back with another self-aware track with lots of powerful vocals called ‘Liability‘.

You feel like you always do what you believe but some people try and bring you down. You are in the mood of going on your own journey and you feel its your time. Small-minded people try and knock you down but you are just going to dust off any doubt and do you think. I love this mentality and it feels like Sarah has the right vibe right now to succeed.

The Cardiff-based singer has such a sultry voice as she breathlessly shines here and hits some supremely high notes that impresses the speakers. ‘Liability‘ is a bouncy song that is her way of showing what she is made of. The future is so bright for the artist that can do so many different styles that shows her emergence on the UK music scene.

Stream this wonderful song here on Spotify.

Head to Insta to find out more.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


French Alps Tiger majestically claw into our souls with ‘Let Me Down’

Let Me Down‘ is the brand new track from the exciting indie-rock 3 piece band from South Wales, French Alps Tiger.

French Alps Tiger are Russ, Duffy, Jess and Durke. The band are named after the elusive Tiger found only in the French Alps of South Wales. They like writing music that reminds them of being young kids and playing shows that reminds you of this innocence too.

I love the raw vocals here that just seen to get better and better after each note. The drums are rhythmical and the guitar strings are played with much skill. This is a classic song from this fine young band.

Let Me Down‘ is a sad song really due to the lyrical content. This is about being let down and feeling that soreness inside. You feel like you didn’t really deserve and want to know what you did wrong.

French Alps Tiger are a top Welsh band that are making their way in this wild music industry and I really like ‘Let Me Down‘. I feel very reflective and love the sound of the band. This is an act to certainly support.

Stream here on Spotify to hear this awesome track.

Click here to find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Mared – Over Again: Strikingly Refined Neo-Classic Pop

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of Welsh singer-songwriter Mared’s latest semi-orchestral single “Over Again”. It’s safe to say that the Neo-Classically inspired Pop score is one of the most refined yet striking singles which we’ve heard this year.

Mared’s poised yet passionate vocals resound over the light melodic flurries weaved by the piano-led choral instrumental arrangement. Repetition may have been the inspiration behind the track, but there was none to be found in the gently and seamlessly progressive soundscape. Prepare to be arrested by Mared’s narrative lyrics which allow you to share the fraught emotion which spills from being stuck in a toxic romantic cycle and unable to escape. I’m sure everyone can relate. Even if you can’t, if you have a shred of empathy in your body, prepare for it to be accordantly tugged.

You can check out Over Again for yourselves from June 19th on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cardiff’s Blueyute takes us on a vivid road trip with ”Song 4”

A creative storyteller who takes you on a mellow journey that includes a love interest, is always welcome in this dark and unsure world. Blueyute is a young UK emcee/singer with a smooth flow and a bunch of trippy beats to keep our ears looped in the whole ride.

Blueyute’sSong 4” is all about just going on that journey with that special person in your life, keeping an eye out for each other while daydreaming about going to all those places you have always wanted to go and visit.

Music Student Blueyute has created a vivid trip of simple expectations to striking results with ‘‘Song 4’‘. His music is ambient chill, just enough to keep you alert but always relaxing enough to lay back on a beanbag, dreaming of travelling somewhere far away. The Welsh youngster from Cardiff is maturing before our eyes and it won’t be long until he strikes that match and the fumes are full of a success that he couldn’t imagine.

Stream this track right here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Cardiff’s Year Of The Dog blast through in style with ”The Professional”

The Brass-filled 6 Piece band, Year Of The Dog from Cardiff in Wales have just smashed 2020 right in the face with their energetic lead single called ”The Professional”. The new track is taken from their recently released album called ”Bad Taste”.

A welcome addition to any upbeat music playlist or Birthday party, this breathtakingly entertaining Welsh act are certainly one of the most original groups you will come across all year. With appearances on BBC Introducing & Sex Education (Netflix) in the bag, the vibrant UK act are headed all the way to top of the mountain.

This song is very sexy and all about keeping it professional when the time is right as staying classy is the game here. The Welsh act have engulfed us with all the right ingredients here to snack on all evening long.

The Professional” is a jazzy laced Brit influenced movie theme tune built for 2020 but made in the 70’s for our own delicious entertainment. With a Right Said Fred influence mixed with a shot of James Bond’s martini, Year Of The Dog have awakened our every desire with this bouncy brass infused song of pleasure for essential late night sweaty dancing.

Stream this song on Spotify.

Review by Llewelyn Screen