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Freya Wolf knows that she is looking for more than a meaningless one-night stand on ‘Just Another Day’

Released with the world-class assistance of Remote Highway Music, Freya Wolf glistens rather brightly on her brilliant new release all about knowing your worth when others just greedily want you for themselves on, ‘Just Another Day‘.

Freya Wolf is a South Wales-born, Somerset, UK-based classically-trained pianist/singer-songwriter who is inspired by travel and the late great Nina Simone.

Freya writes and co-writes her own material including her first two singles ”This Man is Mine” and “Meet Me at 8” both of which she co-wrote with U.S. Songwriter’s Hall of Fame member Ross Hemsworth.” ~ Freya Wolf

Showing us her present mindset that has evolved from the past and takes us on a voyage that so many need to hear on full volume, Freya Wolf sends a loud message to all those who don’t want to start something memorable with her. This is a motivated woman who is only here to dance the night away, as she pushes away the hungry men who just want her valuable energy for themselves.

A taste for the fantastical and magical, the weird and wonderful. My life is my book, and I’m still filling the pages‘. ~ Freya Wolf

Just Another Day‘ by the fantastic Welsh artist Freya Wolf, is a track that shows us a strong soul who has seen and heard all the players before. She can see the games before they have even started on this let-down-my-hair gem that will have you grooving with delight. With a fabulous soundtrack of jazzy-soul melodies and that sassy smooth vocal ability that has made her known all over the world, this is a trip down memory lane for those who love that timeless sounding music that will last forever.

Hear this new release on Spotify and see more of her travels on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking At You: Sensational Cardiff band The Vanities are at their explosive best with ‘Dropping A Bomb’

Dropping A Bomb from The Vanities on Vimeo.

After remedying our sad souls with their last release anointed ‘London‘, The Vanities spark up our imagination with their groovy new single that has you listening as close as possible with ‘Dropping A Bomb‘.

The Vanities is a high-spirited Cardiff, Wales-based 90s-inspired grunge and 80s synth/electro-pop/rock band who have undoubtedly been on the lips of many UK music fans due to their exhilarating releases recently.

Taken off their brand new 11-track album ‘2001‘ that is their first full release since emerging from their hiatus, you feel that The Vanities are somehow only getting better and better. There is a real hunger in their eyes as this rest from the spotlight has only fueled them up to reach dizzy heights, as they leave us completely impressed by the supreme quality of their wondrous creation here.

Dropping A Bomb‘ from the terrific Welsh electro-rock/pop duo The Vanities is one of the more luminous videos you will encounter in 2021. This a track to sing loud and proud with as you immerse yourself into such a riveting experience filled with bright lights and a soundtrack that deserves lots of love. They make the type of music that has your heart in a spin, as you urge that lover to stick with you no matter what.

Turn this up on Vimeo and follow their tracks on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take Me Back: Cardiff’s The Vanities cure our souls sadness with ‘London’

Taken off their hungrily-awaited 11-track magnum opus that has had our previously-cold mindsets feeling dragon-like recently on ‘2001‘, the extraordinarily appealing The Vanities help us heal from all preceding sadness with one of most entertaining tracks so far this year on ‘London‘.

The Vanities is a Cardiff, Wales-based 90s grunge and 80s synth/electro-pop/rock-inspired duo who have a real purpose ingrained into their veins that you can hear rumbling assuredly in their creatively-stimulated sound.

Combining a love of 90s grunge & 80s synth-pop, the band were a staple of the burgeoning South Wales music scene at the turn of the millennium, with highlights including a release on cult Cardiff-based label Boobytrap Records, selection for the late Tony Wilson’s influential In The City conference in Manchester, not to forget a bizarre collaboration with 80s icon Tony Hadley.” ~ The Vanities

After sparking our daydreams alive with the sunglasses-packed track that marked their rising above the ashes from hiatus on ‘HOLLYWOOD HILLS (INTERMISSION)‘, they further cement their name as one of the bands to listen to in 2021 with another glorious Gareth Bale-like 89th minute winner against England-type performance here. You can certainly see why BBC Radio Wales have wisely placed the band on their highly-prestigious Welsh A-List recently.

London‘ from fantastic Welsh indie synth-pop/rock act The Vanities plus a few extra friends who joined them on this one, is an imaginative and euphoric experience that is packed with pulsating piano, sexy sax, catchy whistling, travel thoughts, and lots of love for a city that has so much to see. The vocals here gush through your heart like a healing waterfall on a tired body, and this is just truly spectacular. The lovable Welsh duo has produced such pure joy yet again and for that, we truly thank them.

Hear this silky gem on their Bandcamp or Spotify and find out more about the likeable lads on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bullets For Your Brain Today: The Blackheart Orchestra drop well-sung cover of Manic Street Preachers gem ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’

With their own spin to the much-loved Welsh alternative rock band Manic Street Preachers classic number one track from 1998, The Blackheart Orchestra are on top form with ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next‘.

The Blackheart Orchestra is an award-winning Manchester, UK-based indie electronic prog-folk/alt-rock duo act who have added a new chapter to their story here.

We’ve created a new interpretation of the Manic Street Preachers classic No.1 from 1998 that’s all about climate change. We will be donating a proportion of the download profits to the wonderful JUST ONE Tree who work tirelessly to offset carbon emissions through reforestation. When the song was written it was about the past, but now 23 years later, the words are all about the future. We’ve looked at the song through a different lens and our version and the accompanying video scream for the world to u-turn on the pollution, industrial destruction, planet abuse and self-interest that rules today’s economies with an almost total disregard for future generations.” ~ The Blackheart Orchestra

The Blackheart Orchestra reminds us of a really brilliant single that is cherished by young and old. The lyrics are honest and striking, as they send out a wonderful effort that has terrific production and the eerie soundscape will have you feeling in a rather reflective mood.

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next‘ from the excellent Manchester, UK-based band The Blackheart Orchestra, is a well-sung single from a vocalist who is at the top of her game. She performs with a gloriously melodic style and reaches notes that might make your whole body shiver in awe of her brilliant technique. This is a song to ponder on, as we wonder where the world is actually headed after many years of greed and poor decisions that will affect us all for many a generation.

Hear this well-performed single on Soundcloud and see more of their vision via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Great Beyond: Swansea rock band Heavy on the Ride wonders where we end up on ‘Untitled’

Featuring guest vocalist Phil Humphreys of Lethargy, Heavy on the Ride roll in with a bass-breaking performance that might have your speakers gasping in admiration with their latest single all about pondering life when it is all over on ‘Untitled‘.

Heavy on the Ride is a well-liked Swansea, Wales-based indie rock band who have our hearts jumping with anticipation and make a supremely tasty mix of gloriously-made music to lather joyously inside.

Influenced by rock titans QOTSA, experimental sludge kings (the) Melvins and prog metal masters Mastodon, HotR wear their influences on their sleeves to brew their own concoctions of what they think makes a good rock n’ roll song.” ~ Heavy on the Ride

Swansea rockers Heavy on the Ride certainly have our over-thinking minds at ease with a memorable performance that has you feeling like you need to turn them up just a bit more, to fully encapsulate their whole experience. This is a top-notch band that seems more self-enlightened by the day, and send out probably their best single yet.

Untitled‘ from the Swansea, Wales-based indie rock band Heavy on the Ride, is that story all about pondering what happens when you die and what the feeling really feels like. You hope that you will in peace and without any pain attached after this cold world has finished with you. This is that classic type of rip-roaring track, that could find a home in any era.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more news about the future live shows on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can’t Even Breathe: Cardiff’s Minas is quite spectacular on top new single ‘Foreign’

Taken off his latest album ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’, Minas drops the truth-filled 2nd single with his new offering all about feeling like an outsider in your own land called ‘Foreign‘.

Minas is a Cardiff, Wales-based indie alt-hip-hop/electronic artist who makes the type of music experience that is rather rare and has your whole intrigue-drenched soul appearing alive with full-powered energy from beginning to end.

Minas vents his frustration at society and the priorities people around him have, whilst also hitting a personal note, with his Greek heritage putting him on the outside looking in.” ~ Minas

Minas has had to courageously claw his way into the minds of so many through sheer guts and resolute determination. He shows us more of the underdog mentality – with such a dazzling array of abrasive messages and busting beats – that has your pulse racing like Lewis Hamilton with enthusiasm over someone so sincere in this rather fake-seeming world.

Foreign‘ from the Welsh indie alt-hip-hop/electronic artist Minas, is a gritty and raw new single that certainly has the hairs on the top of your head heating up with such an explosion of sensationally-created sounds. He leads from the front and is understandably frustrated and honest, with how the world is going now as he finds more self-enlightenment each day. to stay strong no matter what.

Feel your bones enthralled by this breathtaking talent via his Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wanna Be A Star: Reunited Welsh electro-rock band The Vanities know they should be in the ‘HOLLYWOOD HILLS (INTERMISSION)’

2001 by The Vanities

As they subtly surface from the cold and damp darkness when everyone thought that it was all over forever, The Vanities remind us of their intriguing brilliance and further back up the notion that Wales have the most compelling acts in Europe currently with ‘HOLLYWOOD HILLS (INTERMISSION)‘.

The Vanities is a stimulatingly exciting electro-rock duo from fiery Cardiff in Wales that first formed back in 2001 when the world was a hugely different place.

After tragically breaking up in 2006 just when they were starting to gain a massive cult following – and calling it an indefinite hiatus – the urge to be reunited was too strong and they thrillingly started working together again in 2016, to make that album that never happened.

Combining a love of 90s grunge & 80s synth-pop, the band were a staple of the burgeoning South Wales music scene at the turn of the millennium, with highlights including a release on cult Cardiff-based label Boobytrap Records, selection for the late Tony Wilson’s influential In The City conference in Manchester, not to forget a bizarre collaboration with 80s icon Tony Hadley.” ~ The Vanities

HOLLYWOOD HILLS (INTERMISSION)‘ from the highly experienced Cardiff, Wales-based band The Vanities, is a reminder that dreams can really come true if you push hard enough and have the all-important self-belief. This is the type of track that has your awareness from start to finish, with impressive vocals and an ’80s influenced sound for the ages.

Making it is possible, and if you want it enough, you have to go and get it.

Hear this fine new single on Bandcamp and check out the FB music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It Looked Pretty Weird: Steve Andrews doesn’t mind being called the bugman on the excellent ‘Butterfly In My Beard’

Songs Of The Now And Then by Steve Andrews

Taken from his recent 10-track Northstone Studios in Bridgend recorded album ‘Songs Of The Now And Then‘, Steve Andrews shows us his inner kindness and tremendous skill-set that he has been born with on ‘Butterfly In My Beard‘.

Steve Andrews is a free-thinking green beard loving Cardiff, Wales-born, Lisbon, Portugal-based indie blues singer-songwriter, naturalist and acclaimed author.

Andrews is an ecoacoustic and eclectic singer and songwriter who has played at Glastonbury Festival on several occasions and was there as an MC for the Avalon stage in 2002 and 2003. He also appeared twice at the Green Man Festival and has two tracks on the CD album on Double Snazzy.” ~ Steve Andrews

This is one of the most entertaining releases from an artist who it feels like you need to see at least once in your life, as you enjoy his highly likable stories which takes our mind into a better place from this toxic world. The energy is alive with that real fire – that has you moving closer to keep out those cold winds – which can strike you down at a moments notice.

Butterfly In My Beard‘ from the Lisbon, Portugal-based indie blues singer-songwriter Steve Andrews, is a terrifically sung track from a true underground legend of the music world. He performs with a real purpose and you feel so compelled to turn up this track, as being truly free is the whole point of life after all. Just the innocent butterfly, we need someone loyal to look after us, while we find our strength to fly wherever we need to go.

Hear this lovely new song on Steve’s Bandcamp and see his socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Strike A Light: Cardiff Rock band Pigeon Wigs drop brilliant debut track ‘Near the Knuckle’

After many pesky hold ups and wondering if this moment was ever going to happen, Pigeon Wigs show us that the wait was definitely worth it and bring the world a real knockout of a track with ‘Near the Knuckle‘.

Pigeon Wigs is a tremendously passionate and electrically-charged sounding six-piece indie Rock band who are from Cardiff, Wales.

With a song that sounds like it should be in the next Guy Richie movie – they make a rampaging blend of sonic airwaves that has your thirsty palate guzzling some real juicy gems – as you will be playing this rather loud to wake up those annoying neighbors.

Formed from the writing partnership of Harry Franklin-Williams & Louis Jugessur, their music ranges from the bombastic and unrelenting to the sombre and fragile, indulging whatever genre best suits their aims while maintaining a through line that one can only describe as Pigeon Wigs.” ~ Pigeon Wigs

Near the Knuckle‘ from the easy-to-like long-haired Welsh six-piece indie Rock band Pigeon Wigs, is an outrageous effort that is filled with excellent guitar choruses to make you blush, lyrics that you will relate to, with eloquently expressed vocals that shall get you off your sticky seat. This is all about the aftermath of a breakup, as things spiral like a Tom Brady touchdown, and has you down in the dumps wishing you had just apologized.

Something is certainly brewing in the tea of Cardiff at the moment as the music there seems to be getting all the buzz. Long may it continue.

Hear this epic debut on Spotify and follow their moves on IG. For more fun, be sure to see their very cleverly made music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sulking By The Swings: Cardiff’s Year of the Dog are okay with being the bad guys on the excellent ‘Arch Enemy’

After memorably appearing on Netflix’s hit comedy-drama Sex Education as the Swing Band, Year of the Dog return with their wonderfully catchy new single from this compelling outfit on ‘Arch Enemy‘.

Year of the Dog is an entertaining Cardiff, Wales-based six-piece brass-house soul band. With a lip-licking taste for the delicious rhythms of funk, ska, reggae and swing, this is a finely tuned outfit who certainly know that sweet spot in our hungry music-loving stomachs.

Recorded at the famous Monnow Valley Studios (Oasis, Stone Roses, Black Sabbath) the single is a nod to their childhood days of listening to chugging rock bands like The Dandy Warhols and The Black Keys, fused with their current unmistakable brass-blasting punch and professional suave.” ~ Year of the Dog

With a supremely enjoyable funky fresh sound and gritty vocals mixed with such cleverly-penned lyrics – the spectacular mountain visuals adds so much to the setting – and has your head bouncing joyously to a wonderful track, from a band who will have you dancing around with their catchy style.

Despite lockdown sweeping away their 2020 summer tour, the band have managed to keep themselves busy, earning a feature on BBC News ‘How To Be A Band In Lockdown’, and two interviews on BBC primetime radio.” ~ Year of the Dog

You feel the foot-tapping experience here and the skill level witnessed is of a world class standard from a well-respected group, who will surely start touring worldwide from 2022.

Arch Enemy‘ from the Cardiff, Wales-based brass-house act Year of the Dog, is a thrilling song that takes you back to those school days when you had a crush with someone who didn’t feel the same way. You then proceeded to be mortal enemies rather than friends, as you both lived different lives when you things could of actually been so different.

Performed with a real edge and hunger, this is a rather memorable track which will have you turning the volume up to the maximum.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on their IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen