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German EDM artist W4LK3R asks to be taken home on the sensational new single, ‘Fly’

With a cinematic entry into 2022 that deserves to be in the next Hollywood franchise that you will never forget, W4LK3R knows that two hearts are stronger together with the stunning new bass-thumping single for that late-night dance with your lover on, ‘Fly‘.

Marco Edelwein aka W4LK3R is a Nordhorn, Germany-based indie EDM artist and RnB music producer who seems to make only absolute gems on all of his creations.

Though W4LK3R began as an experimental project for fun, it soon garnered its own dedicated audience of listeners, who were drawn to the blend of slick modern instrumentation.” ~ W4LK3R

Showing us what a mood-boosting single should sound like, W4LK3R is unquestionably brilliant as he guides us into a daydream that will carry our breath away – and take our whole soul into a nostalgic place – that has you turning the volume on full blast so that you don’t miss a second.

Fly‘ from Nordhorn, Germany-based indie EDM artist and RnB music producer W4LK3R, is one of the most pulsating singles you will hear all year. The stunning vocals will surely give you shivers of anticipation and the busty beat might stretch your imagination, as we are taken on a ride of a lifetime. This is the story about knowing that you will be flying high and conquering all your goals but for tonight, you just want to be taken home so that you can digest everything that has been happening lately.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen