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Dropping Julia has dropped In the Clear: A Funk Rock and Neo-Soul classic

In the Clear by Dropping Julia

Five-piece band Dropping Julia based in Virginia have dropped their single ‘In the Clear’, infusing their Funk Rock and Neo-Soul sound.

Starting with that insanely funky riff on the guitar, adding in the high-pitched tone from the trumpet. Combining all these elements to give it that Funk sound that this band master so perfectly. The instrumentation starts off very smooth and quieter in volume, the overall style of the track is fairly calming and isn’t too in your face, even though it has the occasional Rock element that sways through it.

As it hits the middle the melody raises and the pitch begins to get louder and more overpowering as the sound through the trumpets stands out, The riffs tend to get heavier as the electric guitar has it’s moment to shine, giving it that Rock essence. The voice has an adenoidal tone to it, sometimes it’s quite raspy and in others it’s high-pitched, but the way they change their vocal ranges to suit the pace of the instrumentation is impressive.

If you’re into a bit of Funk Rock or you’re looking for new music to listen too, be sure to check this one out.

Go over to bandcamp to listen to Dropping Julia In the Clear now.

Review by Karley Myall

The Guest Room – Bad Days: Sunny & Suave New-Soul

The Guest Room are here with a singer that carries a wonderfully sweet voice, a drummer that hits his snare drum according to the rhythm of your heartbeat, and all the other lads that I’m sure they all are superior players of their instruments. They come with their new tune called “Bad Days” to draw a smile on your face, and they’re doing so with an eclectic new-soul sound.

I’ve mentioned this already, their female lead singer’s voice is splendid. It is more like chunks of ethereal caress that she exhales with every syllable, aimed for your inner core. That surely doesn’t aim to take anything away from the rest of the band, as the songwriting excellence that they present on this song is overly satisfying, at the very least. “Bad Days” with its transitions and steady emotional flow, it’s a total must-listen for people that get down with the lounge and new-soul side of music.

Hiatus Kaiyote, Fleetwood Mac & Vulfpeck are some of their influences, according to them. I say that they are also inspired, not simply influenced, which is a big deal. Give “Bad Days” a listen here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis