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Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Curran flies into the arms of that soaring ‘milkshake sky’

Gliding into the arms of that ideal lover who feels just right, Lisa Curran has found the cure to all of her pain with a stunning vocal experience to make you smile gleefully on, ‘milkshake sky‘.

Lisa Curran is a 34-year-old autistic Kerry, Ireland-based singer-songwriter, blogger, vocal coach and life coach who is one of the most genuine artists around.

Gracing the airwaves with such caring loveliness intertwined into the stems of our speakers that seems to emanate a natural light that is quite gorgeous, Lisa Curran sends the world something to believe in that should spark up your eyes and radiate only good vibes to warm up your soul.

milkshake sky‘ from Kerry, Ireland-based singer-songwriter Lisa Curran is an enchanting track that is filled with that pure quality that you can’t help but love. Showing us that music can be so healing if you have dealt with lots of pain before, this is one of the most beautiful songs you are likely to hear today. She leads us to a better place that has so much hope inside, as this is a superb release that will get you beaming with joy at something so naturally caring.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

How Do I Even Start: South Shields singer Jen Stevens is so classy on ‘She Sleeps’

Featuring her late Mum’s beautiful poetry, Jen Stevens sends us a real gem that will have you reaching for the tissues on the stunning new single named ‘She Sleeps‘.

Jen Stevens is an award-winning piano/folk/pop singer-songwriter, mental health advocate, cat lover and well-respected vocal coach, who is from cozy South Shields from the UK. She makes that enthralling music which is delightfully made and is such an elegant listen.

I’ve been playing piano and singing for as long as I can remember, and I started writing songs as a means to tell stories and communicate my feelings – I don’t like to sing about things I can’t relate to, so it makes sense to sing about people, experiences and things that mean something to me. If I can reach out to just one person, and touch one heart at a gig or through a recording, then I’ve accomplished something. Songwriting, for me, is massively cathartic and a definite form of therapy.” – Jen Stevens

She Sleeps‘ from the sterling South Shields, UK-based singer-songwriter/vocal coach Jen Stevens, shows us a conversation between herself and her beloved late Mum and is a really sweet single. With a spiritually enlightening song that is one of most pure releases of 2021, this is something really special.

Stream this song on YouTube and see her more from her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When Push Comes To Shove: Nickita shares inspirational message to raise awareness on birth physiology with ‘Breathe Again’

Knowing your rights when it comes to childbirth is so vital and Nickita takes a big step to helping others realize this with her new enlightening single called ‘Breathe Again‘.

Nickita is a tremendous UK-based singer-songwriter and vocal coach, who was featured on the esteemed Sky News recently about this important cause to educate the nation, on this terrifying new trend that is causing such long-lasting damage to families all over.

She sings with such grace and meaning, each word is such a spark to the heart so that ladies all over the UK can know that they are in control. You feel her tender love for this subject and her vocals are so beautifully crisp. You can’t help but support what she is gloriously singing about here.

Breathe Again‘ is a real eye-opener that needs more attention and thanks to Nickita and the support system around her, the call for change in birth laws need to be fixed up immediately. Midwives are here for a reason so that they support an expectant mother who is already under so much stress, no longer should be they be put in care of overworked staff in hospitals, who aren’t trained properly for this event that should be special.

This is such a true message, that you hope will be spoken about much more so that no more pain is caused again, through a splendid song made with so much love and understanding. A healthy birth should not require medical intervention, only a natural process that has been found to be safe and so practical. Common sense must prevail.

Stream this important cause on YouTube, support the campaign on GoFundMe and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bravely Climbing Out: DORA GOLA desires so much more on her rousing new single ‘Dark Sand’

With a mesmerizing presence that has you eagerly awaiting her each stirringly sung word, DORA GOLA sings with such dynamism about how she wants so much more for her heart to flourish on ‘Dark Sand‘.

DORA GOLA is a sensational Poland-born, Ireland-based singer-songwriter, nature lover, professional dancer and vocal coach, with a heartfelt desire to reach her goals, no matter what obstacles are blocking her way.

She sings with a wild spirit that is so exciting and has you gazing into your soul as she keeps you alluringly captivated, her vocals catch your minds attention as you feel her pain and longing for something more, that is far away from the cold darkness.

This is the story about how you can feel like you are deep underground sometimes – as the warm embrace isn’t quite there yet – no matter how much you want it.

Dark Sand‘ from the wonderfully multi-talented Lahinch, Ireland-based singer-songwriter/dancer/vocal teacher DORA GOLA, is a spirited single that full of life from a vibrantly enthusiastic woman who gives her all each day.

Stream this new single on her Spotify and visit her IG for more inspiration from this incredible creative.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All in my head: Norwood is outstanding on journey to find that invisible lover on ‘Missing You’

Singing about someone he would like to meet, Norwood is sensational on his new sparkling single that will have you pondering those moments you want to happen on ‘Missing You‘.

Norwood is an exciting Atlanta, Georgia-based indie dance-pop singer-songwriter, vocal coach and actor, who performs with that fulfilling flamboyance, that drives him into your conscious with a thrilling voice, full of soul, that you can’t ever forget.

He sings with such inspiring conviction as he visualizes who he is looking at in their gazing eyes, his stunning voice is toned just right and this seems effortless, each word is passionate and the bouncy dance beat makes this song alive inside your heart.

This is the story about going on that search inside your mind and knowing what you want and never settling for anything less that what you desire.

Missing You‘ from Atlanta’s multi-talented indie singer deluxe, actor and singing teacher Norwood, gives you that feeling of optimism, as you fantasize about being close to that ideal person in your mind, you want to feel their touch but they haven’t entered your world yet.

You have that perfect picture in your mind and when you meet them, you will know within seconds that they are the right person for you. Life is a game and to win the way you want to, walking through many doors before opening the correct one, is the only way to find that ultimate lover.

Hear this catchy track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen