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Valiancy gives us our ‘Good Vibes’ fix in his latest alt-pop sonic sanctum.

With the sweet harmonic Beach Boys-style soul against the Saul Williams-Esque heavy beats, Valiancy’s latest alt-indie pop fix, Good Vibes, delivers what it says on the tin. Not through condescending euphoria peddling tropes, but through exuding nothing but transcendent soul that remains sympathetic to the reasons we need good vibes tracks in the first place.

The songwriter and producer orchestrated a soundscape unique enough to pique your interest and pull you in, yet experimentalism was notably secondary to ensuring that the infusion of harmonic pop vocals and ensnaring alt electro beats became a sure-fire hit of catharsis.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Valiancy opens the light for us all on ‘In the Dark’

Valiancy is a Pop-Rock songwriter and producer. His sound is melodic and and ultra infectious for the heart to enjoy. He is back with the new song ‘In the Dark‘ and this is a great track for 2020 to enjoy.

With influences such as James Brown, D’Angelo, The Beatles, One Republic and Max Martin, you can feel the style with which this young artist has molded his talent on. This is a indie pop song with a real edge, a true story and the lyrics bite hard and with meaning.

You look into the dark to see how people really are inside, they act differently when they are in the light. You are tired of this feeling but understand that the walls can be harsh sometimes. You wish the best and send them some bright lights too, as that will surely help the situation.

In the Dark‘ from Valiancy is a deep track with lots of wonderful music to keep us inspired in 2020. With haunting vocals, full of character, this is a pure worthwhile listen.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen