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No Pain No Gain: Te’ shines through the lame rain on winners anthem ‘Been Through’

Taken off his debut twelve-track album called ‘Every Story Has a Struggle‘, the raw underground rapper Te’ shows us into his world of making ends meet and brushing off the negative naysayers with ‘Been Through‘.

Te’ is a supremely determined Vacaville, California-born, San Francisco Bay Area, California-based indie hip-hop artist with a true story to tell the world about the struggles of life.

Whether you grew up rich, middle class, or poor, Te’ will find a way to connect with you through his music.” ~ Te

His gritty flow is one to easily admire, the real life stories lead you into darkly lit places you only see in the movies. Te’ raps like a highly motivated man on a mission to win, with those memorable scars still visible as he vows never to let the past dig his grave for him. You feel like he has worked out what he needs to do now, as he grinds towards the money-filled path that will solve all his problems.

Been Through‘ from the San Francisco Bay Area rapper Te’, is the story about staying focused and not ever giving up no matter what. He grew up broke and things were harsh for a while, as he stayed on the lane and make it work in the end. After being locked up for a while – the light grew bright inside his eyes – as he vowed to be a better man and grow towards self-enlightenment, rather than getting sucked into the system that chains your valuable mind up.

The world is ready for you to succeed – if you turn your mindset around from the bad alleys – that just want to gluttonously take you away forever, to destroy the rest of your shining soul.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Should Of Listened: Vacaville rapper Summi takes insightful aim on the voices inside his head with ‘One Shot’

Taken off his latest eighteen-track album ‘Mellow Echo, Steady Increase‘ and made from his cozy home studio with lots of love and real talk attached, Summi skillfully loads up and is ready for his opportunity now on the new single ‘One Shot‘.

Hunter Sumner aka Summi, is a youthfully exciting indie rapper, classically trained drummer and producer from Vacaville, California.

I graduated with an Audio Engineering degree from SAE Expressions College in Emeryville, California in December of 2020.” ~ Summi

Featuring a fresh flow that has your inquisitive ears locked into the moment as he takes aim at the doubts, you feel his reflection getting deeper as he pulls the manifested trigger and breaks away from the past.

This feels like a true redemption story – all the small-minded naysayers seem to be far away now as he lifts his head up – pulls the fly sunglasses on his face, sparks one up, and reaches towards those inner dreams which shall make him happily complete.

One Shot‘ from the multi-skilled Vacaville, California-based rapper/drummer and music producer Summi, sends a true talk message about learning to calm those pesky voices in your head, which can temptingly lead you far from your idea path. He raps with a mellow style which keeps things low-key, as he shows us where he is right now in a life with a crazy world as the canvas.

On a top class beat and raps full of much potential, it feels like we are witnessing an artist who is truly starting to express himself and do what he knows needs to be done. Setting yourself free creatively, is the only way to satisfy that hungry soul.

Hear this terrific new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen