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Uzi Gunnz Is Turning Heads With Her New Track “Swagging”

Uzi Gunnz is a female rapper who is capable of projecting strength with just the right amount of attitude through her music. In her recent release “Swagging” she in fact showcases this with a direct and precise rap flow which is swiftly gaining attention and turning heads. With a catchy, more melodic chorus, that offers a balanced contrast with the rap verses “Swagging” contains just the right amount of autotune to add that extra flair to the chorus while at the same time not taking away any of Uzi Gunnz natural vocal tone character.

Speaking of character, this song is not only impactful in vocal presence but also in instrumental arrangement and texture. With a thick, punchy sound that constantly pushes forward, the instrumental texture also shows strength and determination. With such a heavy driving beat in combination with the specific set of lyrics and vocal attitude “Swagging” truly delivers the message saying that Uzi Gunnz is a girl boss who shows no sign of stopping anytime soon!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja