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Sandra Grace has dropped her latest hyper-pop hit, Got 2B Famous.

Sandra Grace

‘Got 2B Famous’ is the latest flawless hyper pop track by the breaking artist Sandra Grace; the low growling bass guitar rumbles against the light, euphoria-instilled beats create the perfect platform for Grace’s effortlessly emotive vocals that pull you in from the very first vocal note.

With her arrestingly unique style, any and all pop icon reminiscence is fleeting. The Ukrainian-born, US-based singer-songwriter has been writing songs for a form of catharsis since the age of 13; discernibly, she had perfected the pop formula by the time she made her debut with her single, Hotel, in 2019.

Got 2B Famous will be available on all major platforms from November 5th. Check out Sandra Grace on her official website, Instagram and Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Zeke Smyth – Secrets, featuring Lando Strand; tropic urban pop perfection.

Cleveland, Ohio aural experimentalist, Zeke Smyth, pulls his inspiration from a diverse pool of pop, rock, hip hop and soul; he doesn’t break boundaries; he refuses to acknowledge their existence when orchestrating his pop-rap hits.

His latest single, Secrets, featuring Lando Strand, is tropic pop perfection. The catchy vocal melodies never allow your attention to falter while the sticky with soul track unfolds. Vibes don’t get much higher than Secrets which explores verbal intimacy through sentimental lyrics and up-vibe tranquil 808s that will leave you hooked on Zeke’s sound.

Secrets is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Queer RnB pop trailblazer CovNasty has released his most candid single to date with ‘Indecisive’.

The active-duty LGBT US Marine and trailblazing RnB pop artist and producer, CovNasty, has dropped his latest feat of brazenly honest soul, Indecisive, which explores the indecision that plagues us before inevitable endings.

CovNasty finds an affectionate and impassioned way to prove that doubt can hurt just as much as the separation that follows in the up-vibe sleek track that puts emotion at the forefront. Around the harsh snares, the intricate guitar notes bring an intoxicating accordance amount of soul to the mix that delivers emboldening urban poetry.

It comes as no surprise that so many pop fans have found infatuation with his songwriting style that constantly pushes past the superficial to deliver real talk.

Indecisive is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stef Amadeus – Can’t Stop: Bitter-Sweet Dark Soul-Pop

Moody soul-pop may sound like a paradox, but that is exactly what up and coming artist Stef Amadeus served in her latest single, Can’t Stop, which blends contemporary dark electro-pop stylings with her imploringly powerful vocal timbre.

When she effortlessly stretches to the high notes, her harmonies carry the arresting appeal of Kate Bush; through the verses, she’ll treat you to a far more vocally vulnerable performance that breathes life into the all too relatable vocals. Can’t Stop is sure to resonate with anyone who finds themselves harbouring an avoidant personality through lines such as ‘you will never break my heart if I never even let you through, I can’t stop avoiding you’.

Amadeus’ talent is only matched by her emotional intellect that raised the airwaves’ collective IQ with the release of Can’t Stop.

The official music for Can’t Stop is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cheery takes us to school with her vulnerable ‘bummer pop’ debut single, ‘Concept of Love’

Any fans of Anna Calvi, Nadine Shah and St Vincent will want to delve into the evocatively avant-garde debut single, Concept of Love, from ‘bummer pop’ artist, Cheery.

The Kansas-based artist mixed spiritual earthy tones with chilling noir pop electronica for her imploringly dynamic vocal timbre to fall into. You’d seriously be hard-pressed to find more gravitas in another 2021 indie debut. The vulnerability in the vocals and the alchemy in the instrumentals prove to be a potent cocktail that resulted in mainstream potential.

Concept of Love is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chris Vega sends a siren call in his alt-pop single, ‘Dangerous’.

Chris Vega

Cincinnati-hailing self-taught singer-songwriter and music producer Chris Vega is set to release his stormy impassioned pop track, Dangerous. The single shines a light on the darker side of love, the side that tells you it is safer to play with the toaster in the bath than it is to fall in love, but we delve in regardless.

It’s no secret or exaggeration that relationships can allow our mental health to take a hit and vice-versa; Vega encapsulates this perfectly. It’s so much more than you’re archetypally prosaic ‘I can’t live without you’ love song; it’s an extension of compassion to everyone that has ever had to battle with affectionate feelings and mental health issues simultaneously.

Check out Chris Vega on Instagram and Twitter.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rodney Pemberton has made his synthpop debut with Rendezvous (Reboot)

Caribbean-born, US-based pop artist Rodney Pemberton has unleashed his debut synthpop single, Rendezvous (Reboot); the tropic and passionate release runs in the same vein as no other.

Most pop artists unashamedly wear their inspiration on their sleeves only for it to become the entire essence of the sound; Rodney Pemberton certainly can’t be accused of the same. The independent artist has had a lifelong affinity for music, but it is only when lockdown hit that he turned his attention to making his official debut.

The feel-good pop hit comes with Abba-style infectious high vibes paired with dancey synths that strike on the darker side of the tonal palette to create plenty of atmosphere in the promising debut,

Rendezvous (Reboot) is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

John Greska has released his eccentrically introspective indie-folk-pop single, ‘The Big Hill’

John Greska

If Bowie picked up some folky Midwest charm, his Ziggy Stardust days would have run in the same vein as John Greska’s eccentrically psychotropic single, The Big Hill, which explores the pace at which the sands of time slips by.

With the playfully polyphonic synths and keys paired with John Greska’s quaint yet charismatic vocal timbre, this indie-folk-synthpop-single couldn’t be more endearing. Rather than leaving you in an existentialist catatonic state as you ponder just how fleeting your existence is, The Big Hill leaves you with the same ardour for life as exhibited in the reminder that the days will slip by you if you let them.

The Big Hill will officially release on July 19th; you can check it for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sellah reworked Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinkin Bout You’ in his latest release.

For his latest single, the international artist Sellah (Whitney-Michael McCloud) reworked Frank Ocean’s iconic single, Thinkin Bout You; he well and truly made the soundscape his own while still keeping the soulfully alchemic appeal of the original burning right through the release.

With the darker and more reverberant beats paired with Sellah’s stunning vocal range and the sweet sentimentality that he brings to the single through his deep emotional connection to it, it’s impossible not to be drawn in.

The artist, brand manager and editor-in-chief for IMMO magazine has set his sights on becoming a household name. After hearing his Thinkin Bout You cover, it is safe to say that he is on the right trajectory.

The seriously stylistic official video that premiered on YouTube on June 11th has already amassed over 14,000 streams. Check it out for yourselves here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ferris shares affectionate coming-of-age anxiety with his latest indie pop-rock earworm, ‘growing up with u’.

Ferris’ colourful melodies and cutting lyricism have already seen his feisty take on indie pop-rock go viral. After racking up over 1-million streams with his, quite literally, infectious single, Zombie, he’s unleashed his sticky-sweet summer pop anthem, growing up with u, which discernibly deserves to go viral too.

His latest single explores the anxiety that kicks in when youth starts to slip away, and our tendency to look around for affectionate ways to stay grounded. It’s a stellar track. In every conceivable way. The commercial potential is resounding, but more impressively, the way Ferris embraces his authenticity and utilises his pop-punk attitude brings a stark sincerity to growing up with u. The candid and sporadically abrasive lyrics that construct sharp lyrical hooks take this radio-ready indie-pop jam to the next level.

The Miami-based artist and model has exactly what it takes to become a household name. Get him on your radar before he does.

Ferris’ latest single is now available to stream via Spotify.

Connect with Ferris via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast