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H.F.F – Liars, Kings, & Savages: Atmospherically Haunting Alternative Urban Soul

Intros don’t get much more atmospheric than H.F.F’s latest single “Liars, Kings, & Savages” which is just one of the singles from their experimental recently released album “YOU.THEY.US”.

The up and coming artist’s unique amalgamation of Urban Soul and Alt Indie create a potently resounding soundscape driven by the arresting vocals which are incomparable to any other artist on the scene to date. The Atlanta-based trio describe their sound as ‘tasteful preaching’, and it’s safe to say their sound is worth worshipping. Whilst Childish Gambino may have opened our eyes to the violence and injustice with this charismatically hyped approach. H.F.F take it down tempo with their melodic sermons.  The lyrics to Liars, Kings & Savages are as relatable as they are grounding, we’re all feeling the pressures of living in a society which only favours the top 1%. Yet, even though H.F.F are tackling such a sobering subject the overall effect of their sound is still a cathartic offering of solidarity.

You can check out H.F.F’s latest single which dropped on October 2nd, 2018 by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Laren Taylor – Here We Are: Putting the Urban Soul Back Into Pop

Here We Are is the latest single from Laren Taylor; who may be one of the freshest voices in Pop we’ve heard this year. Her vocal offerings are soaked in attitude, her digitally rendered beats are on point, and the track is polished to absolute perfection.

The only criticism I would have with Laren’s latest single Here We Are was the amount of restraint that was put around the lyricism which becomes evident through the rhyming couplets. Whilst the lyrics are catchy and relatable, they just didn’t carry as much weight and resonance as they could have. Having said that, the up and coming artist has some serious stand out talent that I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of in the future, her vocal range is nothing but impressive, and her stylish approach to sound creates an ultimately infectious vibe that won’t leave you questioning her prowess as an Urban Pop artist.

You can check out the official video to Laren Taylor’s latest single Here We Are which was released in April, 2018 on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast