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Angelo Munji – Stuck: Amplified Urban Acoustic

With his latest release Angelo Munji set himself apart from the rest of the Acoustic scene with his refreshingly angelic soundscape which is instilled with Pop & R&B. The Nevada based artist Angelo has a timeless sound which is steeped in innocence. By the age of 26 the young urban artist has already perfected his stand out ethereal style.

His latest Pop track Stuck was released April, 2018, whilst the track incorporated a mix of genre’s and a heavily set bassline over Trap and Acoustic arrangements, I couldn’t help but think that the track was a little too tame to really pop amongst the other Pop icons on the scene today. I’d like to hear some swagger and a little more confidence from Angelo Munji in his next releases. That being said, Angelo is following his dreams as a successful Acoustic Pop artist and with his music he inspires others to do the same, so he’ll always get massive respect as an artist from me.

You can check out Angelo’s latest Pop anthem Stuck on SoundCloud now, connect with Angelo via Facebook to stay up to date with his new releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast