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Paris Love-Child – Addicts We On: Discover the North London Artist Pouring Soul & Style into Rap

“Addicts We On” is the latest single from Paris Love-Child; a North-London based artist who borrows elements from a myriad of genres before mashing them together in a smoothly sublime organic mix.

The production on the track may not have been the most polished, yet, this serves to give the single plenty of depth and atmospherics. Besides, it would have been an aural crime to strip away Paris Love-Child’s distinctive approach to soul-soaked R&B Hip Hop. While Addicts We On isn’t an experimental track, it still flows with undiluted authenticity which is all too irresistible to slip into.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Addicts We On for yourselves, in the meantime, you can head over to SoundCloud and check out their earlier releases.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Fonzie – Play Fair; Reignites Mainstream Rap Relevance

Lately, we’ve been seeing hip-hop acts who have continously vowed to not to go back to the drawing board to lay a well thought out comeback plan on how to revamp the way they make music. Sadly, this development has mostly wrecked a lot of uneventful artiste  who aren’t just ready to relearn and be more creative in their craft.

Whether it’s popping up in a bland Trap hit or breaking into the league of mainstream hip-hop with a medieval strategy— it all come off as a waterlog experience.

Up and coming West London based rapper Fonzie has recently released his newest single Play Fair, a hard hitting, melodic British hip-hop track with a subtle nod to afro bashment, paying homage to Fonzie’s Caribbean roots.

After a few years in the industry, Fonzie is beginning to gain attention from the likes of Complex, Mobo, MTV and Huw Stephens Radio 1 through his experimental sound that resonates with the younger generation as well as older folks.

Fonzie’s ‘Play Fair’ is quite a remarkable and unique song that stands out on his own. He, in this song, within the a space of less than 4 minutes — was able to send a strong message that’s very crystal.

Fonzie’s has clearly evolved as wordsmiths over the years, but He very concretely work not to overwhelm the track with pointless observations. Everything is clear and succinct, yet he still manage to impress with their meticulous delivery and wavy style of rap.

The song opens with slow-building beat which masterfully surrounds the hypnotic chorus with lyrical vigor and gusto. On a normal ground where most artists express themselves through their vocal tone and vibe, Fonzie’s narrative-driven approach provides a nice contrast.

The newest track ‘Play Fair’ represents the thoughts in the backs of everyones minds that they’re holding back from saying. Already gaining radio support from the likes of Radar Radio, Reprezent and Rinse FM the single smashes through the density of the current UK urban scene with a fresh sound.

Creativity is the prime pointer that further explains the nature of artist Fonzie is, He’s indeed poised to bringing a whole new dimension to the UK music industry. Hopefully, Fonzie creativity will not be influenced by what’s currently obtainable in the industry right now as I expect him to continue to provide a safe haven for his fans through his unalloyed style of music and shrewd lyricism.


Nick Notes Releases UK Grime Track ‘See Me Comin’

Nick Notes is a driven, charismatic and passionate hip-hop artist, often compared to major rappers the likes of J Cole, Jay Z or Nas, just to mention a few.

His recent studio single, See Me Comin, is a perfect example of Nick’s lyrical prowess and wide-ranging vocal tone. This track showcase a really kaleidoscopic take on hip-hop, with trap accents and massive beats. The song is also influenced by Grime, with a distinctive UK rap flavor.

One of the things that I enjoy the most about this track is certainly that sensation of the arrangement and the production acting like a very solid “glue”: The beat and the melody are perfectly intertwined, acting as an amazing outlet for Nick’s unique vocals. This song has everything you might want from a great hip-hop track: a tight groove, lush and open melodies, analog-sounding samples; a steady lyrical flow and hooks to die for.

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