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Trippy and striking: ‘Evidence’ from Miss Terious who is the rap game’s new kid on the block

Trippy and striking: ‘Evidence‘ from Miss Terious is the brand new song from this wildly intriguing and fascinating rapper who strolls into our ears on this awesome journey.

Miss Terious is a British born female rapper from the West Midlands. This is a part of her debut and she enters the UK rap scene with a unique mix of electronic and classical instruments for her alternative rap album. Speaking both English and Japanese, Miss Terious discusses topics such as abuse, mental health, and her separation with the ballet industry. With such a creative upbringing, you can see the skills on this fine young performer.

Evidence‘ from Miss Terious is a striking song, the sounds pierces your ears like you want music to. Her music is like none other, the uniqueness is bold, creative and exactly what the music scene needs. You feel like you are in a different place, your heart beats a bit faster as her vocals blow you away. She is a name to watch and will surely go from strength to strength, her talent is limitless, just like the movie. This is a UK artist who has just stepped up and wants us to take notice. Miss Terious is one of the most fascinating artists out there whose music, truly heals and makes you think.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Head through here for the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Chiron Loxton – Hotshot: Grimily Melodic Hip Hop

If you like your Hip Hop grimy, atmospheric and ingenious, delve into the latest track to drop from Somerset-based artist Chiron Loxton.

With Hotshot, Chiron Loxton found the perfect balance between authenticity and accessibility. Any fans of Post Malone and Yelawolf will appreciate the easy melodic grooves, while urban fans of the grimier inclinations will appreciate the witty vocal hooks which sharpen the bars just enough to pull you in and keep your consciousness consumed by the convictive lyricism. There’s little chance of your attention faltering once you hit play. It’s artists like Chiron Loxton who put the UK on the map when it comes to Hip Hop.

You can check out Hotshot for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


South London emcee Dimzy blazes in with the devilishly brilliant ‘Burn It’

South London emcee Dimzy ups the standard of British Hip Hop with the excellent visuals for his latest single called ‘Burn It‘.

Burn It‘ is the latest single to come from Dimzy, member of UK drill group 67. With a brilliantly shot video to match its energy and sound, ‘Burn It‘ oozes authenticity and swagger with slick visuals and ominous trap-influenced beats. The official video premiered at the end of August with GRM Daily and has already hit over 300,000 views. Dimzy is on top form here and the results show. his flow is so tight and lyrically each word is carefully constructed throughout. I’d love to see him on a track with US emcees Roc Marciano or Wiz Khalifa, this UK emcee is up there with the very best in the game.

Originally written in the summer of 2019, Dimzy came back to the track this year with a fresh mindset and updated the lyrics to what you hear today. Finding an instrumental from Swayybeats which matched the beat in the most perfect way, Dimzy was able to reconstruct the single, producing a clear vision for the song. With extra time to make sure this track is exactly what he wanted, the extra time and effort is noticeable.

Hailing from South London, Dimzy is one of the rising stars of the UK Drill scene. A member of popular drill group 67, he has collaborated with a huge variety of artists including Giggs, and has consistently been releasing new music since 2017. Garnering a massive following on social media, Dimzy draws his fans in with his authenticity and the energy that he puts into his lyrics and live shows, maintaining the original spirit of his early days in music. With 67, he has won Best Mixtape Award and was nominated for Best Newcomer at the MOBO Awards.

Dimzy clears away the competition here with this video and quality track with ‘Burn It’ and this is a track to play real loud in the car with the homies. An excellent beat to match the quality storytelling, this is one of the best Hip Hop tracks of 2020 without doubt.

Click here for the YouTube video.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ryse has taken the UK Hip Hop scene by storm with their second single “When I Was Young”

UK Hip Hop artist Ryse broke the mould with their recently released evocatively resonant second single When I Was Young.

Whether it’s the mesmerizingly sombre instrumentals or the magnetic pull of Ryse’s atmospheric spoken word Rap bars on the prelude, you’ll be transfixed from the moment you hit play.

The candid verses retrospectively pull out resounding pearls from wisdom from the journey we all take from childhood to adulthood, while the choruses offer a combination of Pop and RnB Hip Hop giving When I Was Young plenty of earworm potential.

It’s really no surprise that after the release of their second single Ryse has been able to garner plenty of hype. When I Was Young is real talk. The track holds up a mirror up to your own perceptions, they might not be pretty, but ultimately you’ll be grateful that your eyes have been prized open with this authentically unforgettable hit.

You can check out Ryse’s track When I Was Young for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Robbie RAPS draws a full house with his new banger Energies

Get ready for some Brit rap here, because Robbie RAPS is going to draw a full house with his new banger Energies.

Coming in at only 2:41, Energies is a 24-carat track where rap bars thunderstorm in so quickly and in such a tight structure to make you wonder “when does he breathe?!” – and it’s undoubtedly what you would dig if you’re an old-school hip-hop lover.

He hasn’t been around for even a year and he’s already established himself as a “One To Watch” artists of 2020 for his minimal and unique style. Differently from what we’re used to hearing with mainstream rappers, the beats don’t take over his vocals allowing his ferocious lyrics to take center stage.

Well done you, Robbie RAPS! We should all hit play on Energies on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Raw South London ‘Rapper Kwazi Cort’ makes a statement with “Please Don’t Boast” ft. ‘LD (67)

‘Kwazi Cort’ and ‘LD (67)’ are two well-known MC’s in the London Hip Hop scene and they join forces expertly on this powerfully delivered party track. 

These two MCs are on a mission in 2020 and aren’t letting anything and anyone get in the way. Tired of fake artists showing off with their toys, they are quite clear with their intentions on this track. Humble enough to still ride the bus & tube, it’s about the music & respect from real fans that really matters.

2020 has been a quiet year for ‘Kwazi Cort’ and you get the feeling that he has been working hard on this song, perfecting his craft and getting his mindset right. With quality like this, it won’t be long before Kwazi is at the top of the UK scene, with ‘LD (67)’ right there next to him.

‘’Please Don’t Boast’’ is the follow up to 2019’s underrated ‘’British Device’’, a track that showed his growing lyrical maturity. Let’s hope that 2020 is full with more top music with passion from this talented London MC.

Stream this new banging track here on SoundCloud

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Mr Jones howls at the sky with new UK rap release ‘Moon In My Sky’

Manchester-based rapper Mr Jones has released new UK boom-bap infused rap track ‘Moon In My Sky’.

It’s a track steeped in decades of UK hip-hop and grime influence – a scene which has exploded in an honestly baffling number of dimensions, so much so that it has made it incredibly useless and difficult to use a ‘UK Rap’ tag, (trust me) – and ‘Moon In My Sky’ is unreservedly one of those rap-on-a-beat releases that stays in the boomy, bappy slipstream. 

Jones delivers with some nice charisma at points and there’s hints of decently formed wordplay dotted throughout the track, so there’s some elements that do shine through with this release.  

If you like independent, vintage-styled hip-hop from the UK, it’s a track I’m able to shout out to check out – but if it’s not your lane this isn’t the kind of release I’d suggest to hop into it. Still though, listen to it to gain an appreciation of the sheer numbers of UK hip-hop artists breathlessly bubbling below the surface. 

You can listen to Mr Jones’ ‘Moon In My Sky’ on his Soundcloud page.


Untold Poet is due to drop his most pensively poignant single yet with “Pieces” featuring Megan Rose

Essex-based wordsmith and Rap artist Untold Poet’s latest single “Pieces” featuring Megan Rose adds a significant amount of sincerity onto the airwaves. And that kind of honest, unfiltered connection is more essential now than ever.

Pieces puts our obsession and habits with social media under the aural lens, alluding to the suffocating nature of people’s behaviour online. Everyone’s an expert, everyone is holier than thou, everyone’s quick to judge, everyone is filtered… You may just end up wondering why you spend so much time scrolling through your news feed.

As the poetic Rap bars run through, you sink deeper into the narrative of the arrestive single. The pensively melodic Indie Hip Hop instrumentals also play a heavy hand in submerging you deeper into the soundscape. Adding Megan Rose’s smooth yet piercing RnB Pop vocals into the mix added even more weight to the track. Her vocals may be light and accordant but they share the same haunting air as the atmospheric stripped-back downtempo beats.

We’re ridiculously happy that Untold Poet has dropped onto our radar. After the transfixing track has faded to a close, you’ll undoubtedly feel the same.

Pieces was released on April 17th, you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Wavier – Millions featuring evo-lvd: EDM Hip Hop which is all about the grind.

Breaking Hip Hop artist Wavier’s latest single “Millions” will appeal to EDM and Hip Hop fans alike. To create the high-fire drop they teamed up with evo-lvd who contributed to the dynamic eccentric energy poured into the Grime track which could only have ever come from London.

But you can expect much more than your usual gritty Grime tones in Millions. With the up-vibe grooves Wavier weaved into the fluid and polished mix, you’ll lock into an energetic hit when you hit play.

The smooth rhythmic grind transcends what the beats in Hip Hop usually offer, leaving us with no confusion as to why there’s so much hype around Wavier’s sound.

With the inventive electronic intricacies and effects, Millions possesses the level of gleaming ingenuity which you’d hope to hear from a new artist. He’s definitely one to watch.

You can check out Wavier’s track which dropped on February 15th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


UK Rap Artist Luke Lorenz is Due to Drop their Prodigally High-Fire Single “Worship” ft. LUNA

UK-based Rap artist Luke Lorenz is due to drop their latest mix “Worship” which was created in collaboration with the strikingly talented vocalist LUNA.

With Worship, Luke Lorenz set themselves apart from other up and coming UK Rap artists with discernible distinction. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the high-fire nature of Worship left international rappers audibly quaking too. With the melodic catchy choruses, relentless lyrical waxing which borders on poetry in the verses, and the inclusion of LUNA’s unpredictably evolving vocals, Worship is a track which you’d probably need a concussion to get out of your head.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Worship for yourselves, but in the meantime, you can head on over to SoundCloud and check out their earlier releases.

Stay up to date with news of the release via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast