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Ty Ellenbogen unveiled the heart of modern RnB with ‘Stolen Time’

Ty Ellenbogen’s latest single and seminal piece of his Day by Day EP is a contemporary continuation of the ever-evolving RnB genre, which carries all the timeless soul of the greats. In Stolen Time, the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer’s evocative vocal range shines as the melodious jazzy neo-pop instrumentals groove, shimmer, and envelop you in swathes of kaleidoscopic colour.

If The Weeknd, Drake and Frank Ocean are always in rotation on your playlists, you’ll easily accommodate this slick-with-innovation release that makes no bones about cutting to the candourous core of his bitter-sweet lament on investing in someone intent on deceiving their way through the dating pool.

The 20-year-old Nashville-hailing RnB Pop artist has been cutting his teeth in the music industry for the past 12 years and writing and recording original music for the past three. With his debut EP, he did more than prove to be a force to be reckoned with; he gave you a reason to fall head over sonic heels.

Stolen Time was officially released on February 23; stream the single and EP on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast