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Asleep by Hola Chica – the stylish combo

Not even a couple of seconds into this song and I’ve already recalled some pleasant memories of my Indie Pop years when I was addicted to acts like Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, and my holy worshipped Blur.

The 5-piece band from Barcelona, Hola Chica, ingenuously revisit the late 2000’s style in a fresh and danceable fashion with their latest single Asleep.

With a glittery and glossy sound, Asleep is a smooth effort that combines catchy pop melodies with a generous fix of synths while continuing to rely its structural base on guitars in pure Indie Pop style.

If you add the fact that besides wanting to sing along, you’ll be dragged to dance to the disco-ish rhythm, you know they’ve found a stylish combo.

Head over Youtube to listen to Asleep for yourself.

Review by Jim Esposito.

The White Lakes – Business As Usual But Just Exceeding Expectations

Indie as a genre has been pretty well defined for a while now. Having evolved from its original musically political meaning within the music industry to become a genre label in its own right, it generally indicates pop aware melody and musical adroitness, that fine line between commerciality and underground cool, between accessibility and integrity. But what does the indie band of 2017 do to stand out from the pack?

One answer is to do what The White Lakes have done. Forget warping the genre or kicking down generic barricades, and cross-pollinating your sound with the tricks and trappings from elsewhere to gene-splice indie into some sort of modern musical Frankenstein’s monster isn’t the answer either. It isn’t about subverting expectations, it is about feeding them. It is about doing what the rest of the pack do but just doing it so much better. Underline – so much better. The result of such an attitude can be found on Live Wyre. It isn’t so much contemporary indie looking for a new direction or a change of musical trappings, it is instead the sound of indie just done a lot better than 99% of the competition. Why doesn’t every band realise that it is that simple?

Fleeting Foxes Release “Fleeting Foxes” Something For All Rock Fans

If there’s one word that can describe what some people out of rock music, it’s the word “big.” While a grounded punk jam or acoustic ballad are nice touches for more intimate settings, rock music remains forever changed by generations of bands who understood that by producing enormous soundscapes with their work, they were able to take their messages to another level. The advent of Arena Rock and groups like the Who and U2 knew how to create infinite spaces that to this day are transferred through headphones. Current torchbearers of this tradition include the Foxfires.

Fleeting Foxes is a track that calls for freedom from within. Appropriately, everything from the jangling guitars to the thunderous drums feel like they’ve been unleashed from a typical rock instrument in a garage to a force of nature. Vocals and bass join along as elements that maintain clarity and structure despite projecting to meet their companions in a mix that doesn’t feel crowded by any means, but instead feels full. The Foxfires have an inspiring sound and Fleeting Foxes will leave you wanting as much more as you can get. This track is truly something for rock fans of all ilks to behold.

-Paul Weyer

A&R Factory Present: KYTES

After a successful run at SXSW, KYTES return with their new Single “I Got Something” featuring a remix by Berlin’s hotly tipped producer, Robot Koch.

Celebrated in their native Germany, Newcomer KYTES have grown from strength to strength over the past year with their releases of their acclaimed singles “Inner Cinema” and “On the Run”. Charting on German radio, winning accolades and kudos from broadsheet media and blogs locally, the band look to to take their inimitable sound further abroad; taking their cross over indie-dance grooves to this year’s SXSW.

KYTES also impressed the powers of Vodafone Germany, who immediately chose “On The Run” to soundtrack the new Vodafone CallYa Campaign nationwide.

“I Got Something” creates a positive feeling, telling us to look ahead in life, to take the leap and try something new.

Remix duties come courtesy of XLR8R favourite, Robot Koch, who lends his melodic, delicate touch to the track. His organic, textured productions were deemed “wonderful and strange” by the late and great John Peal.

KYTES’ new single “I Got Something” is definitely a song “you should try”. The single and remix are now available in all digital stores.

KYTES will appear at a series of festivals this summer including MELT! Festival and Dockville in Hamburg.