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I Feel Like A Prisoner: Raging Dallas metal act RadioKing are trapped and need to ‘Turn Away’

Taken heavily off their brand new foot-stomping fourteen-track album called ‘Redemption‘, RadioKing are totally honest about these wild times that has them breaking away from where they want to be on ‘Turn Away‘.

RadioKing is a furiously intense five-piece Dallas, Texas-based indie rock/metal band. They make the kind of music shudder that has your whole room shaking rather rapidly – as they break down the frangible windows – with a high octane performance on each of their strapping tracks.

Lifelong friends Jimmy Adcock (guitar), Mark Stroface (guitar), John Cruz (bass), and Scott Crawford (drums) formed RadioKing and through numerous auditions found Alex Collins (vocals) to complete the group.” ~ RadioKing

This is the robust story about feeling locked inside and how it has mightily messed with your over-thinking mind, that was so clear and precise before. A relatable feeling indeed, from a time in the world that we would rather all forget.

With forceful vocals and a powerfully struck band performance, this is such a menacing track that will certainly awaken your drowsy senses if they were sleepy before.

Turn Away‘ from the Texas five-piece indie rock/metal act RadioKing, shows us a gripping display of mental fortitude from an electric band, who put everything on the line. Sometimes you just know you need to be doing something different, but feel compelled to go down the road you know is filled with undesirable detours anyway.

Stream this new single on Spotify and learn more on the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Norwegian artist Mörmaid dazzles through electronic genres with debut ”Turn Away”

London-based Norwegian artist and producer Mörmaid is such a huge talent and she drops the world a stunning dream-pop flavored bundle of joy right here. With such an intoxicating beautiful voice I get so lost and daydream to a happy place. This song is all about love and the different instruments here makes me shake my head in amazement.

Turn Away” is all about starting again as you reminisce about what once was. You have healed up and are ready to date again with a brand spanking new perspective on everything. You are a bit wiser and feel the new energy inside your body and soul.

After seeing that Mörmaid is based in London, I was overcome with happy feelings. This is a musician that I would love to see live and witness her majestically musician skill set on my eyes and ears up close so I can understand the creative process.

Turn Away’‘ is so beautiful and this song has made my day. This phenomenally talented artist is on her way to the top with this fantastic release. After changing her artist name from Solpsiche to Mörmaid, this is magnificence personified.

Follow this incredible musician from Norway here on her Facebook.

For the music release on 3rd July, stream this outer-worldly song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen