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Manchester soul sensation, Tsana lit the ignition of self-liberation with her single, All of Me

With her standout single, All of Me, Manchester’s Tsana, rewrote the time-old tale of giving your all in a relationship and receiving only regret in return and reached the epitome of class in the process. Even though emotions run red-hot in the deep groove pockets of the authentic RnB installation, there’s no room for self-pity in the ignition of self-liberation, which feeds into her signature ‘street-soul’ style.

Knowing it is all too easy to slip into a cascade of self-doubt when someone refuses to affirm your worth, Tsana became the ultimate role model for anyone who knows how bittersweet to come away from a relationship scathed by unappreciation.

The Manchester-based soulstress, riding high in her ‘grown woman era’ following a hiatus which saw her bring new life into the world, was a firebrand before her break from the studio and stages, with her latest EP, Lovehood, she’s not just in her element, she’s setting the UK soul scene alight with her cognizant cultivated aura. By finding the ultimate equilibrium between confident sophistication and hell-hath-no-fury unreckonable energy, she’s the best Manchester has to offer in 2024.

All of Me is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast