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Country duo Homeland Hope are at their entertaining best with latest single, ‘Why’s a City Babe Wearin’ Cowgirl Boots?’

After thrilling us all with their catchy previous single ‘Life Is Tough (But I’m a Whole Lot Tougher)‘ from earlier on this month, Homeland Hope take us for a ride to remember with ‘Why’s a City Babe Wearin’ Cowgirl Boots?‘.

Homeland Hope is a compelling American indie-country duo with genuine Christian values who have just released their soul-fulfilling 25-track album that has left us amazed by their prodigious output.

Growing up in North Carolina, Kathryn Bryant has always had country music in her blood. Michael Justin Lee, on the other hand, might seem to be a very unlikely person to become a country music creator, having been born in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, powered by a burning passion for country music, Lee perfectly complements Bryant, crafting spell-binding compositions and creating joyful music together as Homeland Hope.” ~ Homeland Hope

Showing us once again that they are one of the most exciting underground acts around currently, Homeland Hope deliver us a true story about taking charge of your life and being around a more down-to-earth environment that warms your heart.

Why’s a City Babe Wearin’ Cowgirl Boots?‘ from the USA-based indie-country duo Homeland Hope, is a fun story about how it’s time to leave those city lights and trade it all in for a tough truck to roll in. Sung with signature charm, smooth lyrics, and guitar-playing that will have you in awe, this is a superb single about getting far away from the toxic sludge of the pollution-filled atmosphere. After all, getting back to nature and staying there is the best way to live.

Hear this new audio on YouTube to hear this real gem about going back to where you feel most comfortable in the world.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen