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Trip Carter releases Fashun prod. Blue Rondo

Artist Trip Carter has released his latest piece ‘Fashun’ mixing that energetic upbeat essence within his R&B and Soul sound.

The beat that flows through this piece, it has this incredibly uplifting sound as each element that is added into it pulses through and tends to take over the vocals with its high energy sound, with the smooth sound of the guitar strings.

With the way the melody goes hand in hand with the mellow tone of the vocals that keep it having this steady flow, keeping the voice at a fairly low pitch but tending to amp up the volume as the instrumentation begins to cut through at a quicker pace.

Having this steady flow that keeps at that same pace, mixing all the elements together and then combining perfectly, hitting the high notes effortlessly and having that infectious melody that plays throughout.

Listen to Trip Carter’s Fashun prod. Blue Rondo by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall