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Spotlight Feature: Toysoulja became the definition of hip-hop volition with their latest single, Bitches Pressed

Toysoulja will teach you the ultimate lesson in conviction with their latest single, Bitches Pressed, which dropped on February 22nd. The signature flow, paired with the dark and dominant instrumentals and the no-prisoner-holding lyrics, reaches the pinnacle of hip-hop visceralism.

The Lil Wayne-inspired brand of hip-hop leaves plenty of room for her innovatively unorthodox flows, which stoke the fires of relatable angst in Bitches Pressed. Anyone who has ever reached any discernible heights will find a world of resonance in the unfuckwithably fresh hit that inhibits nothing when it comes to putting haters and chancers in their rightful place.

After getting their hands on software, the Detroit-hailing artist started recording music at 11 as an outlet for their emotions. At 18, they met Team Money Hungry and became an integral part of their high-energy ensemble. Standing alone, they have had plenty to celebrate in their solo career, from garnering 90k streams with the hit single, Gas, opening for Twista and collaborating with Chance, the Rapper on the 2019 Netflix show, Rhythm and Flow. Something tells us that Toysoulja hasn’t reached the height of their ascent yet.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast