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Toxic Absence

You Know What You Said: Trusttt can’t change the past on the excellent ‘Toxic Absence’

With a sad look back at something which can’t change course now as the gusty drink-filled winds have blown them to another place entirely, Trusttt wonders why things can’t be simple when in love with his brilliantly executed new single called ‘Toxic Absence‘.

Trusttt is an 18 year-old RnB/Rap artist from New York City in the USA who grew up singing in his local church, as his sound has now evolved to a level where he is gaining much-deserved respected in the streets.

After being around music his whole life, you can feel that he cares about what releases he puts out. His voice is smoothly tinted and there is so much style on display here, with a reflective picture being formatted like an IT wizard. The ambiance is of regret – as well as those memorable thoughts about the good time nights together – that is about something once so strong, that has probably ended.

Toxic Absence‘ from the youthfully skilled NYC rapper/singer Trusttt, is a testament to a thriving artist on the rise. He exhibits such maturity on this quite superb new single, which so many of us can certainly relate to. The story of being with a special soul who you love but at times despise – as they seem to take you for granted – but when you are together its all good vibes. Figuring out love, can be really tiresome sometimes.

Hear this new deep track on Soundcloud and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen