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Interview: Melbourne’s One More Weekend relieves all pressure on Opportunity

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Connor from One More Weekend recently and he told us all about the new single Opportunity and more. Cruising us through the excellent Melbourne music scene and sourcing where those dirty but edgy local spots are really hiding, we are treated to a wild story about Aunty Meredith and a demon sheep.

Thanks so much for your time today One More Weekend.

Connor: Hi guys! You’re speaking with Connor today, the lead singer and yeah! Absolutely smashing today! Thanks for having me on!

How did you all get involved in this music industry?

Connor: We were all just flung into this industry really, all propelled by the same feeling… that playing live and putting on a killer show is a feeling like no other.

Please tell us more about your new release Opportunity. What was the idea behind the song and how did you know this was the next track?

Connor: Opportunity is about making tough decisions within a small timeframe and feeling that pressure. We essentially tried to reflect that with the music video and how the walls literally close in.

Melbourne is your hometown. What makes it so special and where would you recommend readers to go and watch epic live music in your city?

Connor: Go to all the dirty locals- Cherry Bar, The Tote, The Evelyn, Yah Yahs, The Bendigo, Revs.

Do you remember the first gig the band played and how has the progression developed since then?

Connor:  Yeah look, after 160 shows if we hadn’t improved I’d have called it quits a while ago!

What is your go-to meal before a gig?

Connor: Can’t say I often eat before a show, we do have a two-drink limit though before we play and for me, it’s generally a pineapple vodka followed by the strongest shot they’ve got on the shelf.

What’s the wildest festival story you can share with us?

Connor: The wildest? Let’s just say it involved a very real demon sheep being summoned in the tour bus and uncontrolled time travel back and forth between the medical tent and the dance floor… what a time, thank you, Aunty Meredith 😛

How is the local band scene going in Australia? Do you see it improving or going backwards?

Connor: Compared to what’s being played on the radio the local scene is actually buzzing! There’s some killer bands we’ve shared the stage with recently, go check Sledgehammer Honey, Tudor Club and Lipstereo.

Final question. Where can we find you live next and what are your goals for the rest of the year?

Connor: Ohhhhh we’ll be live next at Summerwave in Kerrang on the 4th Feb, then at Cherry Bar on the 25th Feb for our single launch.
As for goals? Work bloody hard, release two more killer tracks with killer music videos, make some sick merch and jump in the tour bus for a big ol trip around Aus, Yewwww!

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen