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Milwaukee rapper YLS bravely rides by herself to find that ideal home on ‘Solo’

Showing us that nothing will stop her as she searches for that real place that shall set her free forever, YLS shows us her incredible courage to carry on despite losing most of her family on, ‘Solo‘.

Eshauna aka YLS is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based indie Hip hop artist who has had a really tough life growing up and has faced many family tragedies that no one should ever deal with.

She still is on a journey of finding her way through life being alone and hopes to become the next big female rapper to strive through the life struggles she has faced and still facing till this day.” ~ YLS

YLS is one of those underground artists who you feel like you need to support, as her music is so real, it’s almost like you are in a movie. This is how it is for millions, who have had to grow up faster than anyone could imagine. Her courage is boundless and the intense lyrics give you a sense of what the pain actually feels like.

Solo‘ from Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based indie Hip hop artist YLS is a song that a generation will understand if they have dealt with a traumatic feeling in their stomach, that can only be explained through music. Rapped with a gritty edge and a flow that shall impress many real fans of this genre, this is a sensational single that shall rattle your senses awake.

Life is about finding your home, but sometimes it takes longer than first expected and that’s okay. We all move in our own time anyway.

Check out this YouTube track to see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen