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Nate Ridgeway romantically reinvented the 80s rock aesthetic with ‘Here I Fall’

Nate Ridgeway romantically reinvented the 80s rock aesthetic with the standout single, Here I Fall, from his double LP, The Emancipation of the Heart. The seminal single has already racked up over 71k streams on Spotify alone. From the very first hit it is evident why people struggle to part ways with the inexplicably superlative track which will cause your serotonin levels to spike as you lose yourself in the dreamy harmonies which blend effortlessly well into the colourfully rich choral atmosphere of the single.

Here I Fall effortlessly reignites the spirit of 80s rock, infusing it with Ridgeway’s unique blend of pop-rock and R&B influences. This sonic tapestry evokes the essence of iconic bands like Boston, Journey, and Foreigner, making it a perfect addition to playlists that celebrate the golden era of rock music.

Ridgeway, hailing from Muscle Shoals, brings a distinct authenticity to his music, drawing on the legendary musical heritage of the region. His double LP showcases his talent for crafting songs that resonate with listeners; produced and engineered by Eric Myers of Sonic Boost in Raleigh, NC, this record is a testament to Ridgeway’s commitment to quality and his passion for music. For those looking to rekindle their love for classic rock or discover its timeless charm, Here I Fall is a must-listen.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast