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Nathalie King – More: A Sensory Trip-Hop Revelation

Toronto’s ethereal electropop enchantress, Nathalie King, has recently unleashed ‘More’; a sense-awakening cinematic score of scintillating trip-hopped electropop and deep house waves of euphoria that pull you right into the gravitational force of this paralysingly lush soundscape.

The track delivers vocal lines that are just as melodiously luxuriant as the pulsating progressions in a style that will never go out of trend. It’s safe to say King has broken the spell of throwaway pop culture with this seminal release The sensory staying power will stand the test of time as a monument to King’s ability to render catharsis into her staunchly accoladed serene productions, which reverberate with arcanely rendered audial bliss. Nathalie King’s music is noted throughout the industry for its cinematic gravitas which envelops her dynamic vocal range which is just as comfortable in a sultry low register as a soft and melodic upper range.

King is currently working on her new EP, PTSD, which is slated for release in 2024 and has become a therapeutic means to overcome childhood trauma and enduring depression. Collaborating with Bristol-born producer Joseph Snook, PTSD promises King’s fans a more electronic and UK-centric sound.  Away from her solo music, King has garnered attention with placements in commercials and TV shows; she also continues to contribute to Universal Production Music UK and perform throughout Toronto and Europe.

Watch the official music video for More on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast