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Watch Who You Love: New Jersey’s Kiamo cuts off the plants that will never grow on ‘Unpredictable’

Taken off his much-anticipated upcoming ‘La Costa Nostra‘ album, Kiamo returns with a superb gem that molds acoustic guitar into your soul, that will have you feeling like you need to be smarter about who you trust on ‘Unpredictable‘.

Kiamo is a focused Passaic, New Jersey-based hip-hop artist and CEO of Corner Of The World Records, with a keen ear for the streets around him, as he flows tremendously with stories about his friends and life as he sees it.

He raps with such valid introspection as he sees that some small-minded people will always stay stubborn no matter if you try and help them, as they never grow strong and only provide undesirable thorns. He flows in confidently and with a smooth style that has you admiring his lyrical ability and razor edge sharpness, in an often blunt genre with very little to learn from.

This is that deeply rooted song which should be heard far and wide, with real lessons about being careful of the company you keep — as you can get stung badly — if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unpredictable‘ from top shelf New Jersey hip-hop artist Kiamo, is an enlightened journey to finding that true path which you need to go down so you can be truly happy. If you don’t cut off the wounds, they will seep into your whole body and leave you with only unrecoverable poison.

Stream this riveting new single on Spotify and find him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Before The Lights Go On: Cardiff’s Columbia drop lyric video for lively new single ‘Meet Me at Dawn’

Bringing us their top shelf sound with a zestful story about those temptations in the early hours after a night out, Columbia are dynamic on their new single called ‘Meet Me at Dawn‘.

Cardiff, Wales-based Columbia bring us that terrific rock n roll sound, as they light up the skies with that stunning and effortless delivery that reminds you of good times, as they mesh a captivating experience for the soul to deliciously immerse into with a huge smile on your eager face.

As we enter the story of a world where the night has finished but you want to be with them when you go home, even if you are both not really into it. You sense that they are in another place and this crushes your soul, as something keeps you going back even if you know you probably shouldn’t peruse this.

They thunderously stroll in with loads of confidence on a vigorous single packed full of powerful solos and passionate vocals that is a breathtaking listen, full of world class appeal.

Meet Me at Dawn‘ from excellent Cardiff indie rock band Columbia, is a bluesy riff-lovers dream – as this is a song that shows you that the heart wants what it shouldn’t want sometimes – as you just don’t want to be alone in this unsocial world full of self-doubt and anxiousness.

See the tremendous lyric video on YouTube and see their IG for future gig news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cut Me Down To Size: Watford alt-rock outfit Sinka look for their ‘Messiah’ on powerful new single

Feeding our knowledge-thirsty minds with that ultimate desire to explore more than what we can currently see, Sinka take the search to another level on the speaker-busting new single called ‘Messiah‘.

Sinka is a West Herts College-educated three-piece alt-power rock act, who tear down the school break room with that hungry reckless abandon, as they tease us with a taste of their new album ‘Take Me To The Skies’, which is set for release on 16th April 2021.

The pulsating story of finding the anointed one rampages through the speakers, looking for the truth and achieving true meaning by asking for the truth out up there, so that you can know for sure. This is the mission on this ferociously guitar-filled smash on the soul, as the vocals lift you up into another dimension.

Messiah‘ from the impressive and well-respected Watford, UK alt-rock act Sinka, is that real wake up call in the morning to get you out of bed on those gloomy days, when all you want to do is hide from the world.

Finding purpose should be the goal of us all, so that we can find that elusive inner peace that blankets so many eyes around us.

Hear this top shelf single on Spotify and find out more about their plans on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen