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North Carolina emcee Top $helf Mega Ace drops lyrically advanced self-tilted 2-track EP

Top $helf Mega Ace drops two track this time and they are low-rider gems ‘Pain‘ and ‘Gangsta‘ These two Hip Hop songs are all about life, the pain you have built up and being true to yourself. With rapping, singing and producing all in his growing armor, this is an artist to keep an eye on closely. He feels and sounds ready for the next step up, a kick-flip onto a whole new planet.

With a gritty and real flow that buzzes but never busts, this is an all-pro performance that sizzles with self-awareness of what is going on in the world. You got to keep those painful memories with you, but not too close. You want to remember the pain so you don’t make the same mistake twice however you don’t want to get burnt either.

North Carolina emcee Top $helf Mega Ace  has released a stellar EP here with these two equally quality songs with ‘Pain‘ and ‘Gangsta‘.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen