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My time: Michael Gabriel flies up to the clouds above on the excellent ‘So High’

With a refreshing self-awareness that showcases his relevance in 2021, Michael Gabriel keeps on moving upwards despite the current gloom and doom, on the smoke-filled ‘So High‘.

Michael Gabriel is a quality San Diego, California hip-hop artist who has dealt with lots of tough personal experiences over the years while raising a family, but through his inner strength he has overcome these issues and is now a respected emcee who makes that thoughtfully conscious music.

He believes that this is his time to shine and show the kids how lyricism is supposed to sound like. He is keeps moving through the doubts and projects a message of positive energy here, while staying calm on his master plan to reach the end conquest and win.

With a flow that is eloquently smooth, he manages to grab your attention not from flash, but with that old school pure insight that is effortless and without gimmicks, only top notch bars that shows his massive skill set of speaking from the heart only.

So High‘ from San Diego’s hip-hop artist Michael Gabriel, is that special track about rising above the waves and finding your way through to shore, no matter what the obstacles are before you. He speaks with determination and self-belief, believing inside his heart that this is the path he is meant for.

When you are confident in your abilities, the sky above is the only real limit you have.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen