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McCullyCullen Interview: Dropping heat with Slippery Situations lurking

We had the chance to speak to McCullyCullen, and this was a special chat. Showing us the progression in the production department and demonstrating love for Minnesota, we find out what makes this vibrant artist tick.

Thanks so much for your time today, McCullyCullen. Where in the world do we find you?

McCullyCullen: Thank you for taking the time to do this, I really appreciate it. I am based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Slippery Situations is your new 10-track release. Please slide us into the vision behind the release and what the project means to you?

McCullyCullen: I was making all kinds of songs from 2015 to 2018 and a lot of the songs came naturally. In late 2020, when I started to really focus on this, I had all these great ideas for this album about the ups and downs of a relationship, but it was hard to actually make the songs this time around. It took a while, but I am glad with how the album turned out and hopefully some people can find happiness in hearing some of these songs when they are going through something similar.

When you close your eyes and imagine being back in middle school with your band, what does it feel like?

McCullyCullen: Ha, we weren’t very productive at all! We had written a handful of songs in about a year, but I think if we could have continued to work together, we could have made it bigger (at least in the area). Maybe one day we can get together to re-record our old songs.

Do you feel you’ve progressed as a creative since 2018’s Culinary Arts?

McCullyCullen: I definitely do. More so in the production department. A perfect example is my song “top hat”. That is available on both Culinary Arts and Slippery Situations. The song structure is the same but the vocal production is much better so the song is easier to listen to. Other than that, I have a lot of ideas all the time, so I think my next project will be more all over the place, similar to Culinary Arts.

Who or what inspires you most in the world?

McCullyCullen: I don’t have anything in particular that inspires me but sometimes just hearing other music or talking with people inspires me.

What are your personal goals for 2023 and beyond?

McCullyCullen: I am always working on something music wise and I have plans for another project to be released next summer. Going to be experimenting with more genres as well.

To end off, how would you change the music industry for the better if given the opportunity?

McCullyCullen: I want to say that the past decade has made it so easy to get your music on platforms to listen to, so that is a big, positive change already. I think that it’s time to let new artists shine though. The big acts touring and that you hear on the radio have been music’s biggest artists for 10+ years. Some of them, even 40+ years. There’s nothing wrong with that, but at some point, there is going to be a need for new artists to take their spots.

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen