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‘What Now Freestyle’ from Newark emcee Shabazz Talib is one of the best flows of 2020

Taken off the new EP from 2020 ‘Cheers to the Past‘, this is a formidable freestyle-type song that is such a bouncy listen.

What Now Freestyle‘ from emcee Shabazz Talib is one of the best flows of 2020 without doubt. This is a real story that is portrayed through a man who now knows what he wants. He is done over thinking about the world and just wants to make music and be happy.

The Newark, NJ native is in full form here. His flows are tight and the wordsmith is in an imperious mood here. He is sick and tired of dusting off those cobwebs off the past and doesn’t want to get bitten by those pesky spiders. He wants to be in a clear mind so that he can project his best work now. The past is in the past. The future is here.

What Now Freestyle‘ from the Newark emcee Shabazz Talib has one of the best beats and flows of the year on this one. In such a saturated market full of rappers, this is something fresh and real. It’s made for those true fans who appreciate a proper song for once and no mumbling garbage. This is what Hip Hop in 2020 should sound like.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

KeeZY jumps in the ring on Hip Hip fueled ‘Solid’

Cleveland in the United States is the home for the fast rising Hip Hop artist KeeZY. He rolls in with his new effort called ‘Solid‘.

Signed to the Urban City Records, Warner Music Group, this is an artist who is flying up the charts and minds of music lovers everywhere. You can just tell that he is in the big time due to his swag, confident lyrics and top notch production. He’s on a roll now and wants to stay relevant.

KeeZY bursts in here on ‘Solid‘ as this is a pleasant beat with fire lyrics that encapsulates the new school trap style that is so massive at the moment. This top emcee wants us to follow his lead as he is flying at the moment and not stopping anytime soon. With songs out all the time, you get the feeling that he is firmly up there with the freshest names in the game.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen