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Too Little Too Late

The flamed out love that once burnt so bright: ‘Too Little Too Late’ from Boston’s Jessica Gelinas, Voel and Justin Adijanto is a reflection of what could of been

With the succulent guitar beginning that draws you in a like a pretty picture, you suddenly feel so calm and relaxed. The beat is graceful and intricate, the volume slowly turns up as you listen so intently. The vocals then open the door ajar and you start to walk in slowly, fascinated and blessed to hear these beautiful sounds. Boston’s Jessica Gelinas, Voel and Justin Adijanto team up to form a strong team, on their new Indie R&B single named ‘Too Little Too Late‘.

The sultry and classy voice emanates through your veins, and into your feelings right away. This is about a lover who tried for a while, but then they started to show their true colors. Growing tired of silly games was too much, and now there is nothing to save in this once strong love. Feeling like you were taken for grated for a while, the fire burnt out like an old candle, and now its laying on the floor in tatters. The time to heal and move on, is closer than you thought before.

Her vocals make the hairs stand up, the guitar rhythm is so perfect, and the production is done just right. Nothing seems over the top here, the song is so effortlessly performed, and you play this Lo-fi infused Indie R&B track again and again, there is so much to like here, and your mind wonders with all the beauty around.

A feeling of reflection and sadness burns bright like a campfire alone, and you hope that Jessica Gelinas, Voel and Justin Adijanto can find that well-deserved happiness, in this often selfish and unnecessarily egotistical world.

Its sometimes ‘Too Little Too Late‘ for love to be fixed with broken souls but luckily, there is always a new one that is ready to be born again in this world that makes no sense right now. The only way to recover is to take a deep breath, shake off the doubt, and open your heart up to love, and be loved again.

Listen to this beautiful single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen