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We Won’t Recover: Denver harmony masters Better Weather sees that perfect day turn grey on debut track Too Close For Comfort

Initially facilitated by Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, Better Weather performs with so much seriously genuine skill and carefully crafted eloquence on their debut single Too Close For Comfort.

Led by music producer/songwriter Skyler McCoy, Better Weather is a proudly University of Denver Lamont School of Music student-fused music project who lathers lush vocal harmonies into our hearts.

‘The band has a debut album in the works, which draws inspiration from a variety of genres, ranging from 20th century classical to modern indie and pop. All the musicians are classically- or jazz-trained and play multiple instruments, and three of its members happen to have perfect pitch.” ~ Better Weather

Bringing the world a reminder of why a debut song is so special, Better Weather has dropped a sure-fire timeless classic to play on repeat whenever those reflective moments eerily resonate at a precise moment in time we can’t explain.

Too Close For Comfort from the University of Denver Lamont School of Music project Better Weather is one of those dreamy songs that many will truly correlate to. This is the story of remembering a previous love which sadly moved on, with tiny fragments still looming no matter the time or day. Projected so calmly with a world-class mentality which shall soothe all memories away for the better.

Hear this fine single on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Interview: Vincent Tesoro processes and accepts the traumas on Too Close For Comfort

Sounding in rejuvenated form and showing such gutsy openness throughout, the A&R Factory Team sat down with the likeable Massachusetts local Vincent Tesoro. He manages to somehow help us through the trauma, telling us where the best underground music is, while also explaining what the latest release Too Close For Comfort is all about.

Too Close For Comfort” is a follow-up EP from my last Album Shooting Stars & Broken Halos.” ~ Vincent Tesoro

Good day Vincent. We truly appreciate your time today. Please let us know which city we find you in as we speak and what is your favourite meal/recipe of all time.

Vincent: Hey, It’s a pleasure! Currently, I reside in the town of Middleboro Massachusetts. When I was a child nothing was better than a plate of my grandmother’s city and homemade meatballs but if you eat 15 plates of it a week you tend to get overweight (which I did). I try my best to take a healthier alternative and it’s a toss-up between 2 appetizer dishes: jalapeno poppers and low-carb buffalo chicken dip (extra spicy).

How is the local underground music scene in your local area doing after the horrific lockdown and which venues would you recommend we check out?

Vincent: There is a bittersweet answer to that question. I think the underground scene is thriving in some respects due to new promoters grabbing the torch for independent artists as others went into early retirement. Also, I have noticed sold-out shows on a large scale with very expensive tickets. That can be good for the venues and artist management but obviously not so much for the fans. I’ve found myself turning down events to watch because it’s difficult to justify the prices even as a serious music consumer and influencer. I try to look at the bright side but the truth is that the scene has taken a significant loss but it’s in a transition period and some of the most creative music is being made.

The middle east in Cambridge has been a staple in the Boston area but it is rumoured to be closing down unfortunately. I personally like The Paradise Rock Club and The House Of Blues in Boston. The Jungle in Somerville Ma is a cool underground spot and The Met, Fete Music Hall and The Alchemy are good choices. On a larger scale, any of the major stadiums that hold sporting events are always incredible.

You have fused many different genres in the upcoming 3-track release Too Close For Comfort. Please lead us into the vision and creative process.

Vincent: 4 Songs: the world hates me, numb, broken hearts and silent treatment. The songs were executed as a solo project except for the opener “ The World Hates Me”. The song features Dying Star, Hate Incarnate, and Natalie Abigail on backing vocals with additional production by Nick Lovn. This song stands out to me because it’s about the stigma of mental health and struggling with self-love. The word “love” is thrown around by friends and family often but without acceptance of your own self worth your only hiding in the shadows of your own ignorance. The energy on this song is thrashing and hardcore but also very nostalgic. It feels like something to play at a party in the early 2000s.

Another heartfelt single that inspired the cover art is “ Broken Hearts”. It talks about having a deep empathy for mankind, a type of love that most lack in this world. Experiencing others’ pain as if it were your own is a burden and a gift. I always feel misunderstood and it’s a terrible feeling so I would hate for others to feel the same. We never know what people are going through and if we remain compassionate through active listening we evolve emotionally and educate ourselves intellectually.

The theme of this record is to simply accept your feelings, work through your trauma and celebrate the gift of life no matter how chaotic and dark it can be sometimes. Too close for comfort was written as I was trying to find myself as an artist and a person. Honestly, I found a greater awareness of who I am where the two intersected. These songs were organized in a state of isolation, reminiscing over all the tears and heartbreak that I’ve allowed to build up overtime. Clocking in under 15 minutes it’s not even a therapy session, closer to a meditation, either way the same results apply. This record is the behind the scenes insider look of how I view my own identity and process my thoughts and emotions. Too Close For Comfort was produced by Balloon Beats and engineered by Don Ziglioni and Loud House Audio.

How would you describe your sound to a novice listener?

Vincent: I would label myself an emo/ alternative/ pop punk and hip-hop artist. My music can be dark & aggressive, melodic and unique and energetic and hyped. When I create art I become multi-dimensional and if you go through my discography you might recognize my wild personality. I structure songs that spill from my heart, real, meaningful and beyond the darkness typically very uplifting. I have a heightened awareness of the world and tend to portray an uplifting message through heartbreaking circumstances. The majority of my music revolves around the cycle of addiction, mental health and damaged relationships.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Vincent: I’m sure this answer has changed throughout my career. It used to be Warped Tour (RIP), today it would be the “When We Were Young” festival in Las Vegas Nevada surrounded by my favorite punk bands.

What’s the most valuable advice you’ve ever received before?

Vincent: If you want to stay original be yourself because there will never be another you. Reflect on artists you have always cherished and follow in their footsteps, take it a step further and steal their next generations fans.

Last, do you have any live shows/tours lined up or a new release on the cards later this year?

Vincent: I plan to release new music every 2-3 months this year of variations of the different genres I fall under. One of my main goals is to start a band and show my versatility. I have been on hiatus for the past year but I have 2 shows as of now both hosted by Bars Over Bars. Friday, January 27th 8 PM @ Revibed 15 N Main st Middleboro Ma 02346 ($10 admission) all ages & Friday, February 24th for Demons Disciples headliner show ($10 admission) 18+ @ Selfie In HD 101 Kingston Collection Way Plymouth Ma 02360.

Thank you so much for having me! Hope you enjoy the new record and are anxious to hear more!

Listen up to this fine track on Spotify. Find Vincent on Facebook.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen