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Scotland’s beloved Folk storyteller ‘Tom Houston’ is back & soaked full of heart with ‘’Child on a Plane’’

When you fall asleep at night and imagine what a legendary Scottish singer-songwriter looks like, he will probably look like ‘Tom Houston’. His lyrics, full of vivid imagination and absolute honesty, burrows cheekily through the dusty speakers like an inquisitive fox, catching your attention quickly and you end up listening to every word. A true singer-songwriter has this skill. You are either born with this gift or you are not.

A man who must have hours and hours of incredible stories of travelling the world, playing in scruffy music venues with true character, ‘Tom Houston’ should be treasured and listened to more than most. This is the type of real soul we should by CD’s from & stream all night. 

‘’Child on a Plane’’ is about Tom remembering his youth, reminiscing and thinking of these times when he was young. There is always one more dream to find. This is an important message and one that must never be forgotten. No matter what, we have a new day to achieve our goals.

With the music industry all over the world taking a massive hit, to put it mildly, Tom is the kind of musician we really need to support when the pubs and bars are allowed to undust and rise again. Tillicoultry, Scotland sounds like a lovely place Tom. I hope I get to watch you perform live someday soon.

Stream more of this Scottish legend on his SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen