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Tojuso has found those helpful fireflies again on ‘Too Much Fun’

After carefully rebranding the technique and boldly reconstructing his crew, Tojuso pays respect to the excellent skills of multi-instrumentalist star Tash Sultana with the memorable single that drops deep insight on ‘Too Much Fun‘.

Tojuso (formerly known as Jackie Spade) is an award-winning Kinston, North Carolina-based indie alternative artist who seems to make those introspective underground gems with ease.

Wondering what is everlasting and if his endearing efforts will matter in the end, Tojuso definitely has the right idea and designs a tight track that might remind many of early Akon. Packed with honesty and not letting that pride get in the way, this is a strum-with-me single that has all the elements needed to heal a wounded heart.

Too Much Fun‘ from Kinston, North Carolina-based indie alternative artist Tojuso¬†feels like a hugely personal track about realizing that there are way too many overly curious eyes plotting his downfall. Laced with paranoid thoughts, self-assured confidence and plenty of muscle in the middle, this is a memorable track made with a slick style to add that extra oomph into your morning coffee.

Listen up to this new track of substance on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen