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New artist ToleX fires out the gates with smooth Drum & Bass flyer ‘’Runaway’’ ft TobiSAX and Natalia Ibadin

If there’s a thing called love, I want you to show me. Promise me. I’m all yours. This is exactly the type of lyrics we are looking for in these at times- terrifyingly scary world of bleakness.

With sexy sax vibes illuminating at the beginning on this striking single, ‘’Runaway’’, has all the right energy to be turned up loud at any time of the day. The new track soon gets going with pumping Drum & Bass beats but maintains it’s pureness and melody expertly. I feel in a good zone listening to this style of music, reflective but with a smile on my face, feeling positive and relaxed at the same time.

ToleX has London’s TobiSAX (on sax) and the superb vocalist Natalia Ibadin in fine form, singing her heart out to the wonderful beats.

If this is the standard of ToleX’s music, we are all in for a treat to come. This production is fantastic and with the sax and stunning vocals adding a fine element, bring on more music like this.

Stream new artist ToleX here on Spotify and see the growth to come.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen