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To Leaf Too Young

Self-reflecting ‘’To Leaf Too Young’’ from Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od is here to relax our hearts

Yesterday, you flew away. You came to me too young. Despite our best efforts, sometimes timing is off in life and we have to accept this and move on with our heads held high.

The boys from cozy Brighton, England- a seaside resort in the county of East Sussex- are back with a mature single that is solid in its execution, with soothing lyrics that takes you to a reflective place. I love the guitar riff in this one and can’t wait to witness this live. 

‘’To Leaf Too Young’’ is an intriguing song, one that I could quite happily listen to on a long train journey while writing a letter or by simply staring outside into the distance with a smile on my face. With ever-increasing maturity it will be very interesting to see where ‘8udDha bl0od’ goes next creatively. They seem very comfortable re-inventing themselves, so let’s hold on and enjoy the ride.

Hear more from this brilliant English group here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen