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Tia Gold – Lonely Hearts

Music is most effect when it by bypasses the brain and heads straight for the heart. Tia’ Gold goes one stage further and aims her songs directly at the soul. Lonely Hearts is a wonderful musical package of sultry R&B, mixing minimal beats with a slow groove but still creating big dynamics with just these few building blocks.  And if musically it sounds like an anthemic urban-pop future-classic, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is an anthem indeed, an anthem to the lonely and the overlooked, the forgotten masses and children growing up emotionally bereft. The combination of the heart tugging message and the effortless grooves make a powerful force, one that which goes way beyond the dance floor and becomes a soulful and soul-searching message to the modern world. Music as an act of love is a powerful force for sure.

Words: Dave Franklin