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Before you pull out your next dime to purchase a new punk/rock song, here’s what you should do to ensure you put your money to good use; make sure you cop for yourself a copy of ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v1’.

‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v1’ is an incredible new punk, rock and alternative compilation album from an independent record label that’s known as Thumbhole Records. This album is a meticulously hand-vetted collection of dope songs from the best upcoming artists. The featured artists/bands on this album are basically those whom their genre of music isn’t far-fetched from the classy punk, rock band and some other alternative bands across the globe.

After many ratings and overview of music quality from the list of over hundreds of songs entries that were submitted via their open submission promotion, today, Thumbhole record finally released their first compilation album; ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed’ which has 20 great tracks in it.

Thumbhole Records really did a good job overall in picking quite an excellent song tracks for their first album compilation. With the level of quality work that’s been evidently seen from their first album one is left with nothing but to wonder how crazy their second best 20 song album compilation will be. Indeed this record label with their album compilation has helped good music bands to gain the global exposure they deserve and I commend them for that.

This album is filled with massive tracks from emerging bands including Dead Neck, Captain Trips, 5 Year Plan, Marigolds, Deathcaps, Hollow Heart and much more. All the 20 songs in this album are quite interesting and well produced.

If you’re a metalhead and love the vibe of audio inferno and the succinct transfixion that comes along with its spectacular sound, then the eleventh commandment you shouldn’t fail to keep is this: make sure you go get the album ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v1’ from Thumbhole records.

Yeah if not for anything, do it for all its harmonious awesome metal sound that surely suspends both the mind and body in a wild trance.

This is a new ‘fresh-off-the-water’ music compilation of different amazing artists with good masterpiece singles that will surely leave you asking for more. It’s 1 pm here and I’m still my hands are still stuck on repeat on Captain Trips band’s ‘bottom of the river’.

Overall, the album ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v1’ is an amazing album with 20 incredible song tracks from different up-and-coming music bands. I just can’t wait to see what’s gonna be added in the second album ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed v2’