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The overdriven alchemy in Three Mile Island’s Ride Your Luck unleashes sonic spirits.

With elements of dreamy indie and classic rock n roll as the cornerstones of their sonic signature in their latest seminal single, Ride Your Luck, the West Midland’s prodigal sons of innovation, Three Mile Island, found plenty of room between the stylistic pillars of influence to inject their own over-driven, time-defying, alchemy.

The haunting chorus, which incidentally replicates what Black Sabbath’s single Changes does to the soul, fused with vocals that are as locked and loaded with visceral dynamite as Chris Cornell’s, Rolling Stones-reminiscent lead guitar work and an underpinning aura of Primal Scream’s iconic release, Give Out But Don’t Give Up, culminates in a single that doesn’t only allow you to imagine what is possible when the intersections of rock are explored, it grips you with a soulful intensity that leaves an inexplicable mark.

If this is the future of rock, the genre is about to make one hell of a mainstream comeback.

Stream Ride Your Luck on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The West Midlands era fusionists, Three Mile Island, triumphed once again in ‘Sidearm’s House of Games’

What do you get if you mix 70s rock with Americana and add a dash of brashy and swaggering 90s Britpop? Hit play on the latest single, Sidearm’s House of Games, from Three Mile Island and find out for yourselves.

The uniqueness of the sonic imprint is far from the only achievement in this minefield of indie rock hooks, which proves how tight the West Midlands-hailing prodigal sons are despite their influential differences – each element gets room to breathe and transcend into something completely new in the release that proves that time isn’t always linear; multiple eras can exist cohesively under the sonic duress of those talented enough to amalgamate them.

Having garnered attention on BBC Sounds and Planet Rock Radio, ‘Sidearm’s House of Games’ is a testament to the band’s skill in crafting songs that are not only enjoyable but also resonate with a deep understanding of rock’s evolving landscape. It’s a compelling addition to the indie rock genre, highlighting the band’s potential to leave a lasting impact.

Sidearm’s House of Games is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast