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Milk By The Door: Groovy Bedfordshire act Three Day Monk remember those good times on ‘I Liked It Better’

I Liked It Better by Three Day Monk

With an introspective look into what was the sumptuous light of the growing world before these current dark times changed everything before us forever, Three Day Monk have our ears jumping on a good level again with the fresh new single named ‘I Liked It Better‘.

Three Day Monk is an entertaining Bedfordshire, UK-based indie-rock solo act, which is the vision of the excellent multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Tristan Nelson. He likes to make that real funky music vibration that has you singing along and tapping your tingling feet in utter delight.

Influenced from artists such as Ben Howard, Fantastic Negrito, Hiatus Kaiyote and Incubus, the music contains unintentional, unconventional structures that delve into metaphorical, situational matters that ask a simple question.” – Three Day Monk

His voice is rather mysterious and softly spoken at first, matching his humble attitude and enlightened stance on the world. He soon launches in hard and takes on this song – before retreating back to more familiar lands – to let us know that he is staying calm, and wisely far away from getting too frustrated with this rather strange world. The sound is terrifically created and this is a highly memorable song, full of sexy riffs and breaks, that has you thoroughly captivated.

I Liked It Better‘ from the top notch Bedfordshire, UK-based solo indie rock act Three Day Monk, is a true look inside the mind of a self-aware artist who just knows that things should be better, and that we shouldn’t fall into the quicksand sheep-acting trap that so many others have. The world should be better and will eventually, we just need to continue to be open minded, and not get caught up in everything we read and see.

Hear this awesome new track on Bandcamp and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen