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Thoughts Out Loud

Seattle-based pop artist Hila wants to be taken to paradise on ‘Thoughts Out Loud’

Returning with her 4th single, Hila wonders if this relationship will end like the others or be something different and long-lasting as her hungry heart desires that special love after many disappointments with ‘Thoughts Out Loud‘.

Hila is a fast-emerging Seattle, Washington-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter who makes the type of music that is lyrically honest and is vocally superb.

She wants to inspire people to follow their dreams, and to believe in themselves no matter what obstacles they face in life.” ~ Hila

Showing us into a world that so many feel right now as the various emotions of the past two years have traumatized so many, Hila sings with an effortlessly-seeming style that is quite exquisite and has you wondering if she will soon find that lover who has her back no matter what.

Thoughts Out Loud‘ from Seattle, Washington-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter Hila, is a love-filled single from a romantic soul who just wants to find that fairytale courtship. After being let down so many times before by greedy ex’s who just wanted a piece of her, we find a young woman who sounds ready and wants this special feeling so badly. Feeling content and not anxious anymore while being held close, is something that is on her mind and is eloquently expressed on this sweet pop single.

Listen to this new release on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen