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This Small Town

Folk music at its deepest: 8udDha bl0od release their new track This Small Town

8udDha bl0od have made quite an impressive shift from being full into psychedelic rock to taking on folk music at its deepest level in their latest release This Small Town.

In what emerges as a nostalgic ballad, a violin melody leans on acoustic guitar arpeggios in pure folk style, opening up to the first verse and then accompanying the mellow vocals throughout the song. With the rhythmic section creating a comfortable hammock to welcome and swing the harmonies, the track develops within the cosy atmosphere of a man telling a story.

Although we’ve come to appreciate the varied features of 8udDha bl0od’s music, This Small Town presents us with the opportunity to further enjoy every single instrument, sound, melody, and cherish all the emotions that a tuneful ballad can transmit. A score that 8udDha bl0od achieves effortlessly.

Check out This Small Town on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.