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Theo Sawyer put perspective behind our hedonistic thrills with his intimate pop hit, Download a Ghost

With quiescently bitter-sweet piano melodies that resound with the same ethereal grace as Philip Glass, Theo Sawyer’s latest contemporary pop ballad, Download a Ghost, puts weight behind the belief that searching for love in the modern era is akin to a paranormal investigation.

Now that treating each other as a temporary dopamine hit before slipping off the radar is a common phenomenon; it was about time pop artists stepped up to the mark and helped the diehard romantics out there to navigate through the landmine-strewn landscape of dating where objects of desire can slip from perception at a moment’s notice when they’ve had their hedonistic fill.

Fans of Tom Odell, Daughter, and Bill Ryder-Jones, will want to playlist staple this subtly profound serenade that unravels as a flood of compassion, introspection and darkly intimate expression.

The New Zealand-hailing artist may have only entered the scene in 2022, but he is already stealing the show. Stay tuned for more expositions on dysfunctional dynamics and intellectual amorous psychology.

Download a Ghost officially released on December 9th; hear it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Theo Sawyer created the ultimate rebound pop hit for the modern age with ‘Forget Your Ex’

Theo Sawyer

With the emotional gravity of 00s emo, the theatrics of Queen and a cuttingly contemporary indie pop edge, I practically forget about everything listening to Theo Sawyer’s latest single, Forget Your Ex – let alone my ex. The progressively momentous hit builds to the heights of a rock opera, carrying all of the ascending euphorias with none of the dust from decades past.

‘Moving on’ tracks may be somewhat archetypal in pop but few sonically say it better than Theo Sawyer and his intense vocal dynamism, which makes being ambivalent towards him non-optional. Put it this way; he could have done the vocals to Lets Marvin Gaye and Get It On infinitely better than Charlie Puth,

Forget Your Ex will officially release on August 12th; hear it for yourselves on the Auckland-hailing artist’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast